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June 2010

Hearts and Minds: Marketing Your Good Deeds

by Mitchell Cuevas on June 30, 2010

Most small companies have little, if any, to spend on marketing efforts. It is important for all businesses to get exposure, so as much free publicity as possible is a great thing. For example, an article done by a local reporter could end up getting picked up by a national paper and spreading the word […]


Roots or Wings For Your Small Business

by Nicole Donnelly on June 29, 2010

to the moon

My husband gives Sara consistency and stability, he gives her roots. I give her wings, show her the stars in the sky and dream with her about where she can go and what she can do. He thrives on daily routine, and I thrive on change. Together we compliment each other quite well. In business, […]


I recently had the pleasure of meeting with and learning about a fantastic local Seattle company called ReUsies. ReUsies developed reusable lunch bags to replace the plastic ones that most people use to pack their lunches in. The core of their mission is to do right by their children and leave a better place for […]


Marketing Strategy Part 2

by Nicole Donnelly on June 25, 2010

salty waffle stairs of marketing

Today we spent the entire day planning the small steps that it’s going to take to get us where we want to go. This site is going to take a few months to properly build out, we greatly appreciate your nurturing tweets and Fshares along the way. After doing our annual calendar, complete with monthly […]

creating pull inbound marketing

Sara has been camping with her grandparents and cousins for the last week, and has stories to tell. My dad called tonight and told me the following story. The road was so muddy that trucks were getting stuck up to their axles in the mud, so they decided to walk 1 mile to their destination […]


Marketing Strategy Part 1

by Nicole Donnelly on June 23, 2010


Finding the right partners who love what you do and can send business your way is key to the vitality of your company. These partners can help you when you get stuck, they can recommend solutions, they may even become your friends. While building out the new intake form for Salty Waffle clients, I thought […]


Departure Stinks: A Thank You Note

by Nicole Donnelly on June 22, 2010

This post is an ode to my EO EMP/MIT class of 2011 and our great Salty Waffle Team… Departing from the ones that you care about is always tough. Wether it’s leaving home or leaving friends to return home. The connection that out class has is amazing and meaningful on so many levels. I began […]


Defining values is a necessary step for every individual and company. Doing so makes it clear to those around you what you stand for, how you will make decisions, the type of environment you like, and whether or not they fit in to that picture with you. In defining yourself, you define your company, define […]


Girl POWER Hour-Brand You

by Nicole Donnelly on June 17, 2010


Yes it is as girly, as it sounds, but in the best way. The women who attended and the women who run this business are powerhouses! Every event sells out almost a month in advance. Last Thursday night I spoke about branding, for their professional development series in Seattle. The Columbia Tower Club, 76 floors […]


Thirst for Learning

by Nicole Donnelly on June 16, 2010


According to Dr. Bell if an employee is proud of the company that they work for, the team that they work with, their boss, and the products of the company they will stay forever. This note is on the white board in my office and has been there since last October when I attended the […]


And The Winner Is…

by Nicole Donnelly on June 15, 2010


Congratulations Curtsy Bella! You have won the $2,000 scholarship the Salty Waffle class: Navigate New Media and Make Mega Millions! (June 24th-25th) Thank you everybody for your submissions. The Salty Waffle strives to deliver practical lessons in a fun way. We welcome feedback on what you would like to see featured. If you would like […]


Show Me The Money

by Nicole Donnelly on June 14, 2010


The possibility of cash in your business is as finite at the stars in the sky. Barring some extreme circumstances you can predict the amount of money you will take home throughout the multiple stages of growth. There will always be money and the forces of nature will always be working on it. Here’s a […]


Bartering Today-What’s it Worth?

June 13, 2010

Our Saturday started at 6 AM with a walk down to Alki Beach. Sara decided to pick 3 strawberries from our garden to take with her to eat. She ate one on the way down, then scootered for a couple of miles before stopping with an idea. “I’m hungry, let’s go to the bakery and […]

Boppin’ in a Bathrobe

June 10, 2010

Could you see an adult wearing a bathrobe and cheetah hat, with leg warmers, and sandals dancing freely to Norwegian folk music on a rainy day.  You’d think “CRAZY”. Seriously, what sane person would go out in public like that? Having a little one, makes me notice more opportunities for fun. On the airplane when […]

The Big Day-Party On

June 9, 2010

Like a bunch of beheaded chickens the crew from Ravenstone, Salty Waffle, and Arch Development are running around putting the final touches on the event. Thank you volunteers! Beer in the fridge-Check Wine chillin-Check Art hung-Check TP, Cleaning, lighting, bar, food, cupcakes are all coming along… It looks fantastic in here! So much art from […]

Free Your Mind and The Rest Will Follow

June 8, 2010

This morning I must take a walk, there is so much to do before the big event tomorrow night, my brain is stuffed. Walking clears your head and makes room for the kind of thinking one should be doing. When you sit at my computer all day without this 30-60 min. clearing session you can […]

Crave Symposium

June 7, 2010

Branding and business model are my assigned areas of expertise to contribute to 6 think tank sessions today. Eighty women who own businesses will also focus their energy on 6 lucky businesses. The first focus is on Belle Boudoir and the photographer, Cheryl Jones that started the company. Cheryl photographs women in a boudoir setting […]