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July 2010

Here at Salty Waffle we have something in common. At 8:32am every morning, rain or shine, we pick up our phones and we call each other. The call, though it sometimes lasts longer is scheduled until 8:37am and has a clear purpose and rhythm. Each of us presents our KPI’s (relevant numbers), accomplishments, stumbling blocks, and […]


Fast Company: The Influence Project

by Nicole Donnelly on July 27, 2010

influence project

The woman pictured here, Mari Smith got a head start on the Project when she was notified early and she remains #1. Click this Link. I’m so addicted to the Fast Company Influence Project and it’s cool graphics. Who cares how far your influence spreads online? Well apparently tens of thousands do. How do you […]


Marketing 101: It’s All Inbound Baby

by Mitchell Cuevas on July 26, 2010

In every marketing class I have ever taken, the infamous “4P’s” have been mentioned. When everything in marketing gets confusing, you can always go back to the basics, the faithful four P’s for focus. To really get places, you don’t need to design an exhaustive Marketing Strategy, but you will need to listen attentively online […]


A while back I had the pleasure of listening t0 the founder of TeachStreet, Dave Schappell, speak about his journey through building a successful company. It was a great presentation and he was extremely honest about the rigors of doing so, even admitting at one point that the only reason he was able to get through […]


A Personal Social Network Aggregation Recipe: Retaggr

by Mitchell Cuevas on July 24, 2010

online marketing, social media management, business

I mentioned a little while back, but today is its time to shine on Salty Waffle.  I have long waited for a site to collect all my sites—a virtual bulletin board if you will, for all my networks and profiles. I just wanted a place to add all my accounts so that I could remember all […]


Wakeboarding is my Kind of Biz Dev Meeting

by Nicole Donnelly on July 23, 2010

wake surfing, Coldstream Capital

On a cloudy and cool Wednesday morning, for the first time in twelve years I went wakeboarding. The “event” was hosted by Detlif Schrempf and Kevin Fitzwilson of Coldstream Captial. What a cool experience for clients and prospects. This kind of activity speaks volumes about what kind of business they desire to have and what […]


“Good bankers, like good tea, can only be appreciated in hot water.” – Anonymous I loved this quote and I just had to share it. Being that it is quoted from someone anonymous, I can’t give them any credit, but I did find it in a white paper by Rich Russakoff of Bottom Line Consultants. It is […]


Team Thursday: Inspiring Those Around You

by Mitchell Cuevas on July 22, 2010

So far I have had a great summer and have been lucky enough to go out wakeboarding with friends I don’t get to see all year. One day out on the water I learned an important lesson. I will be the first to say I am not great at wakeboarding. I can do some basics and not much […]


If you know me, you know I am pretty nerdy when it comes to technology. This being the case, one of my daily practices is to hop on TechCrunch and check out the latest articles. That explains why this morning around 3am or so, I commented on a very interesting post of theirs entitled ‘Cruise […]


Marketing Monday: HARO

by Mitchell Cuevas on July 19, 2010

social media, help a reporter out, HARO, salty waffle

To say that I have learned a lot since coming to Salty Waffle would be an understatement. One of the things I was completely oblivious to is a service called HARO. HARO stands for help a reporter out and is a site dedicated to linking up reporters in need of a story with people who […]


iPad: iMom Raising iKid

by Nicole Donnelly on July 17, 2010

On our way to Hawaii last week we broke out the iPad and Sara was entertained for the next 5 hours! Drawing, math, vocabulary games, Tetris, tic tac toe, and Ferngully. Absolutely priceless. She learns, creates, and is inspired to learn more. In a meeting yesterday she was silent for over one hour while playing […]


6yr. Old’s Description of Marketing, Business, and Life

by Nicole Donnelly on July 16, 2010


“So, Mama, let me see if I get this right. Your saying that if you get more friends then they will tell their friends and you will get more money. More friends equals more money.” Sara summed up social media, inbound marketing, online content strategy, and life all in this brief description. The more friends […]


10 Tips for Living Large Finance Friday: Rollin’ with Entourage

July 16, 2010

It took a few friends recommending it but, I have started watching Entourage. Without getting into plot lines and the hilarious events that take place, the craziest thing about the show might be the way they manage money. Since most of us don’t have movie star style cash flow, here are some tips to keep […]

Team Thursday: Do You Know Your Team? Try Going On A Strengthsquest!

July 15, 2010

Before this year I was never really a fan of personality tests and the like. My experiences mostly involved those annoying Myspace quizzes and I didn’t put a whole lot of stock in what a test could really tell me about myself. Well, that all changed when I did my first Enneagram and later, Strenghtsquest. […]

Facebook, Twitter, Blog: Personal or Professional

July 13, 2010
salty waffle, Sara Donnelly

Again today, I was asked how to keep your personal life, posts, “friends”, and “followers” separate from your professional persona. I don’t. On Facebook I link to every business blog post that I write, sure many personal FB updates don’t make it to the blog, but I strive for balance. Almost exclusively,  professional contacts comment […]

What Appeals to You Will Appeal to Your Customers

July 13, 2010

We all know the first impression is critical, that first glance, hot or not right? You have one chance to impress a visitor on your site, one chance for them to witness your product the first time, one first time meeting you. Image isn’t everything, but it is a significant piece of every business. From a […]

Marketing Monday | Waffle Boxing? Throw a Little Guerrilla In

July 12, 2010
Salty Waffle

A couple weeks ago, the Salty Waffle Team gathered in the flesh for the first time ever. As we were eating waffles, yes literally we had delicious waffles to start the day, we started to talk about different trade shows and places that we plan to be this year and how to attract people once there. […]