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September 2010

Creepy or Cool? Check-in at the Ram Restaurant & Brewery

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 30, 2010

Location is certainly still social media’s latest darling and its finally starting to get the attention of even relatively small businesses. Last time I checked in, this is what happened: A couple Saturdays ago I officially made my pilgrimage back to Seattle. Yet again my dad and uncle were the lucky ones who got to help […]


Social Media Mini Me: YouTube is For The Boys

by Nicole Donnelly on September 28, 2010

YouTube is the only major social network that has more active male members than female. The ladies surely post, but the men are there lurking and passing on the videos. So, if you have male customers, you just might want to make a funny video to pass on. [youtube][/youtube] The video above is after a […]


Hugh Macleod: Death to the Social Media Dotcom Douchebags

by Nicole Donnelly on September 27, 2010

According to Hugh Macleod there are too many “Dotcom Douchebags” out there spewing mass amounts of useless, meaningless content that clutters the web and your brain. Social media, marketing, and most especially advertising professionals were singled out in this talk as a generalization of who spreads the crap out there online. Hugh is hysterical in […]


A couple weeks ago I was able to attend an EO Accelerator event in Portland that featured Mitch Priestly as a guest speaker. His topic was negotiation and his take was refreshing. I rarely take notes because I find that they distract me and if I just listen instead I remember more. On this occasion […]


Stickers, Boxes, Rubber Stamps, and Warehouse Workin’

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 25, 2010

To cap off a crazy week in the Salty Waffle world, yesterday we started preparing for a huge warehouse sale we are helping orchestrate with Rubber Stamp Management. I recruited a few friends to come along and man, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Upon walking through the door, we were immersed in a world of […]


Trekkies, groupies, H.O.G.s: all groups of people united by a shared passion. Whether it be a sci-fi show, band, or louder than necessary motorcycle, the power of fan groups like these are undeniable—just  ask Walmart about a little site that cropped up a while back call So what does this mean for you? It […]


Local Passion: It’s Just a Start But That’s What Matters

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 23, 2010

Part of Salty Waffle is our blog, our hope is that it provides people out there with helpful information with which to better their business and themselves. We focus on social media; highlighting tools, methods, experiences, and relaying information that hopefully translates into success for your business. Naturally, we have a soft spot in our […]


If I told you there was one man that has touched over 3 billion phones and has set himself up to touch every single one from here on out, would you believe me? Probably not, but it is the true story of Cliff Kushler. I learned about him when I saw a commercial advertising a […]


3 Business Tips From Frogger: Traffic, Bounce, and Conversion

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 21, 2010

If you are not familiar with the classic arcade game, Frogger is a game featuring a loveable frog that you must safely navigate across a busy highway so that he may feast on the tasty bugs on the other side. It is simple enough, but I was thinking aboutthe topic of web analytics and metrics, […]


$2500 In About 25 Minutes: Word of Mouth Pays

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 20, 2010

If you have been around me for even a few minutes in the past month since I finally joined the growing Droid army with my HTC Incredible, you know that I am a little obsessed. I haven’t really given it much rest since and my mouth hasn’t stop running on about it either. Lucky for […]


Les Schwab: A Truly Customer Focused Company

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 19, 2010

If you are lucky enough to live in the Pacific-Northwest, you know that the outdoors is one of the greatest things about being here. There is snowboarding, camping, hiking, skiing, climbing, windsurfing, wakeboarding…the list goes on and on. With all the rough terrain around, it is lucky we have Les Schwab to take care of […]


Salty Swag: The Grand Opening! Our Shiny New Zazzle Store

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 17, 2010

social media, entrepreneur, salty waffle

Salty Waffle is proud to announce the grand opening of our shiny new Zazzle store. Dubbed ‘Salty Swag’, it is the only place to go to get to the gear you need to show off your Salty Waffle pride. I personally designed many of the products we have and we will gladly help you make […]


My SEO Quest | Defeat New Zealand: The Conclusion

September 16, 2010

Well, my grand quest to defeat the other ‘Mitchell Cuevas’ from New Zealand through SEO tactics turned out to be more of a massacre than the battle I expected. I have Salty Waffle to thank for the fact that today, well before the end of the year, New Zealand has fallen. I searched my name […]

Up-Starts and Start-Ups: My Spanish Man Crush is Rafael Nadal and Why There is No Rest for the Weary

September 15, 2010

Buried in the hoopla of the first night back to Monday Night Football was the U.S. Open where Rafael Nadal was competing for histhird major this year. His post-match interview touched on his work ethic and his drive, all of which is strikingly similar to entrepreneurial ‘start-up mode’. From a young up-start that was told he could […]

Events Drive Social Media: The VMA Twitter Storm Spectacular

September 14, 2010
twitter, social media, trends, MTV, entrepreneur, business

This past Sunday, MTV’s Video Music Awards were at the center of the twitterverse (Twitter universe). If you watched, you no doubt noticed how many times they would check the tweets related to the event. They tracked tweets for artists and then encouraged the audience and viewers to keep tweeting. As of Monday night, there […]

Email Marketing With an Error: What Would You do?

September 13, 2010


The Other Networks Part III: Flickr

September 11, 2010

Let’s take a minute to pause and remember the tragedy our nation suffered nine years ago on this day with the attack on the World Trade Center. This article was influenced by this day and by a piece featured on Mashable that I encourage you to check out. There was also a History channel piece […]