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October 2010

5 Apps That’ll Make your Life Easier this Holiday:

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 30, 2010

We know the App Store and especially the Android market can be overwhelming places so we looked around for the best apps for a stress-free holiday season and one of our good friends at Group SJR sent us this one. Whether you spend the holidays cooking, shopping, or socializing, this list should make your quickly approaching (I […]


Social Media Can Make You Healthier

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 27, 2010

Since we know you have been sitting around just a little too much reading the Salty Waffle since the weather went sour, we have a Wildcard Wednesday treat for you. Of course, social media is at the center, but were talking about some good ol’ fashioned physical activity today too. We wrote about how important […]


Guest Post: 5 Mobile Web Mistakes To Avoid!

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 26, 2010

Despite it’s recent popularity, the mobile web is still in its infancy, technologically speaking.  But that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start talking about how brands and businesses can improve their mobile marketing strategies and start engaging users on the small screen. For businesses that need a little help managing the market and distinguishing […]


Social Media Integration

by Nicole Donnelly on October 23, 2010

salty waffle social media integration

Salty Waffle will integrate social media with your online presence to generate more sales, leads, press, and prospects. Hire our consultants, take our classes, or learn online right here. Stop spending so much money on adwords! We are your Dynamic SEO pros! We will do the writing for you or you can learn how to write and where to post your […]


It’s Official, Space Has a New Mayor of Social Media

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 23, 2010

If you didn’t see today, the first ever Foursquare check-in happened from space! An astronaut named Douglas Wheelock used Foursquare to check-in to the International Space Station. He got a badge for it and everything and the Commander is now the mayor of the space station and the first person to use a geo-location service […]


Social Media Class at Seattle Central: Social Author Basics

by Nicole Donnelly on October 21, 2010

Here’s the Social Author Prezi from Social Media Marketing at Seattle Central. Social Authoring differs from traditional authoring because it needs to be in the authentic voice of the brand and include key words. It’s a true art to write well for the web. Salty Waffle Social Author SEO Basics on Prezi


A few days after it came out, I went to see ‘The Social Network’. Working in social media, there was no surprise there; I pretty much had to right? Anyway, as a history of disliking Oscar winning movies and a summer spent watching really terrible horror movies (for fun) can attest, I am in no […]


Social Media Integration: Full Meal Deal

by Nicole Donnelly on October 19, 2010

social media customer experience process diagram

Social media integration is a very new field, there is a process to doing it properly for your business and it’s about time somebody explained it. The diagram below is the ultimate integration plan. See the first lesson in listening here!


During my usual procrastination circuit of TechCrunch, Woot, ESPN, and Facebook I noticed two things. Well, three, first that I wasn’t getting anything done, two, that Oklahoma is somehow number one in the BCS standings, and three, sports owns social media on the weekends. Scrolling through my Facebook feed, every other post was about the […]


Social Media Marketing Plan

by Nicole Donnelly on October 17, 2010

Here’s the latest Salty Waffle Prezi for the Social Media Class at Seattle Central… How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan on Prezi


Alexa: The Social Solution to Web Information

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 17, 2010

In our weekly Salty Waffle number report, we use a site called Alexa to help us out. Alexa is a company that provides all kinds of information on any site on the internet. They focus on traffic, ranking, inbound links, and demographics and provide basic information at no charge. The awesome thing is how they […]


On Second Thought, Maybe Women Are Actually Better At Twitter

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 15, 2010

Last week, we shared some interesting social network statistics about men and women on Twitter. The first question a bunch of people had was, wait, isn’t how people use Twitter more important that the number of followers they have? Going along with that, we did a bit of research sticking with the gender angle and found […]


Seismic Social Media

October 12, 2010

Well this is something that has been making its way around some technology and social media blogs the last few days and it was too awesome not to pass along. Randall Monroe of XKCD has drawn a new map of the internet to follow up his original. The world has certainly changed a lot in […]

The Top 10 Productivity Apps for Business Professionals

October 11, 2010

Since today’s first post was all about how unproductive Monday’s and email can make us, we decided to try and cheer you up a little and show you some mobile goodies for increasing productivity. The descriptions and this top ten list are courtesy of developmentnow, one of our good friends out there in the blogoshpere. Take […]

I Think Social Media Stole Something From Me!

October 10, 2010

The new (ish) cell phone driving laws in Oregon are killing me. I don’t like headsets and I can manage my phone just fine, thank you. So why are they taking away my phone during drive time? Social media made them. I’m not trying to deny that the task of driving should be given its […]

Crowd Sourcing Trust, The Social Network That’s All About Helping Each Other Out

October 9, 2010
safety, social media, business, tools

Ever played that Google game where you hop from result to result real quick like hoping not to get your feet burned on a bad link? Us too, but no longer do you have to worry about those shady sites full of viruses and spyware. And that’s thanks to you. Thanks to you and a […]

Social Media Marketing: Tweetdeck and Twitter Basics

October 7, 2010

Here is the Prezi from Social Media Marketing class last night… Social Media Marketing:Tweetdeck and Twitter Basics on Prezi