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November 2010

Social Media Vocabulary: Tech Tuesday Edition

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 30, 2010

In honor of Cyber Monday and the amazing deals you hopefully scored, this edition of social media vocabulary is going to focus on some cool technology and platforms behind some social media and Web 2.0 applications. API, Application Programming Interface: an interface that allows two software applications to interact more easily. By making an API […]


Heart on Paper: The Style Guide

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 28, 2010

ride like a penguin, social media, social media vocabulary, vision, business, mission, entrepreneur

Business, despite what it can turn into, the greed that can invade it, the corruption that lurks always, the ruin it may reap, or the lives it can destroy, came, at the very least at some point in its infancy, from someone’s heart. Every business was at one time, someone’s dream, a physical manifestation of […]


Social Media Vocabulary…in the Snow!!

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 23, 2010

It’s snowy in Seattle, school is closed, and its so cold it almost hurts to go outside. What better time to learn some more social media vocabulary? Grab a hot chocolate or a coffee and enjoy 5 new Salty Waffle words. Digg: You may have to dig you car out this morning, but Digg with […]


Your Special Purpose

penguin, values, mission, vision

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 21, 2010

When you love what you do, there is no lack of motivation or giving in to naysayers. At Salty Waffle we make social media simple and we love to do that for you. That’s our purpose. So what is a ‘special purpose’? It is what you do every day to get to your vision. It is […]


As companies today increasingly outsource and contract employees, the core talent of an organization is more important than ever. Today, HR in forward-looking companies has evolved to help attract and retain star players. The term ‘Talent Management’ was first used by David Watkins of Softscape back in 1998. It encompasses the recruitment, integration, development and […]


Social media made simple.

by Nicole Donnelly on November 19, 2010

Salty Waffle will leverage social media for your business to generate more leads, sales, and press. We manage and measure it all with a dashboard built for you. Hire our consultants, take our classes, or learn online right here. We start where you stop. Spending alot money on adwords? We are your Dynamic SEO pros! Expand your virtual footprint […]


Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the new kings of social media and they have brought social media from it’s infancy to fully-fledged business machine. Social media adoption among small companies doubled last year from 12% to 24%. Companies big and small are finding the value in being able to locate, listen to, and engage customers where […]


Google Docs! On Your Phone!

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 18, 2010

Good news to us here at Salty Waffle and probably to many of you out there that also use Google Documents. Google has finally made it possible to edit documents right on your android device or any Apple devices running iOS Version 3 or higher, like the iPad. It comes in the form of a web application so you don’t […]


Did Twitter Kill The Phone Call?

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 17, 2010

A while back we asked your opinion on texting and if you thought it was a curse or a cure. Whichever side you fell on, the fact is that texting overtook calling sometime back in 2008. 43% of the young demographic that is driving cell phone sales report that their main reason for getting a […]


Finding Your Perfect Customer

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 14, 2010

Everyone knows that in order to make money, you need customers. How many, how often, and where they are from should, and will look different for every business. The old rule that the top 20% of your customers will bring in 80% of your revenue has never been more true. Of course, you want to […]


Lonely In Location Land

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 12, 2010

Location seems to still be the latest and greatest in the social media world, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. The CEO of Foursquare has been dubbed the ‘New King of Social Media’ by Wired Magazine and yesterday they reported reaching 4 million users, just months after hitting 1 millon. Despite Facebook Places, SVNGR, Gowalla, […]


3 Simple Tips To Making Your Own Luck With Social Media

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 11, 2010

If its true what they say; that you make your own luck in business through networking, we surely can’t ignore one of the best networking tools ever created in social media. Ever heard the name William Dawes? Unless you are a history buff, probably not. Dawes made nearly the same ride as the well-known Paul […]


Ending World Hunger With A Grilled Cheese And A Side Of Social Media

November 10, 2010

So not only does it seem logical that a Salty Waffle would be friends with a tasty grilled cheese sandwich, but the people behind all the cheesy goodness have a love for entrepreneurship and social media too. FeelGood World is an organization that started at the University of Texas with the simple idea of taking […]

The New Marketing Ecosystem ala Salty Waffle

November 9, 2010
New Marketing Ecosystem

A few posts ago Salty Waffle introduced Synotac’s New Marketing Ecosystem. Well we made our own version, super charged by social media integration!

Social Media Vocabulary: A Splog Isn’t A Type Of Monster…Technically

November 9, 2010

Social media seems to be creating stranger and stranger words. This Tuesday’s edition of Salty Waffle’s social media vocabulary has five new words as usual, but a couple of them might conjure images of monsters rather than elements of social media. Halloween must still be in the air… 1. Splog: is short for spam blog. […]

Pokemon and Rappers Can Teach Us A Little Something About Social Media

November 7, 2010

The value in a name is immeasurable. In social media, its Facebook and Twitter that own the most powerful brand names. In other industries its names like Apple, Nike, and Microsoft. Some brand names are synonymous with their product like Kleenex with tissues, and Google is a verb synonymous with search. So why do you most people […]

6 Laws To Listening From Gerald Bell

November 5, 2010
listening, social media vocabulary, social media

Gerald Bell is a leading consultant and educator on the all important topic of leadership and listening. A huge portion of what we do in social media relies on good listening skills and any good social media strategy will have listening at its core. Bell has developed six laws of listening that everyone can benefit […]