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January 2011

Why Your Social Media Package Needs Music

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 31, 2011

So you think you have it all, the Twitter page, the Facebook, the LinkedIn even. You’ve got a blog pumping out the fresh content daily, you know what, you even know how to use stations on Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to listen in on conversations your customers are having. You’re a social media machine. (If that […]


How to Get What You Want

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 30, 2011

Ask. Answering a question is one of the easiest things to do yet so many people fear asking. As a person who has dedicated themselves to a business, a set of values, and a mission, you cannot afford to avoid asking questions. Chances are there is someone out there that knows more about something than […]


Class is in Session! Sign up NOW!

by Nicole Donnelly on January 29, 2011

Today I’m speaking at a the Women’s Leadership Conference here in Washington where I’m officially announcing our new online classes! For just $75 a month you can have full access to self guided courses. If you want live streaming weekly classes it’s $1k per month with class size no more than 10 people. For the […]


An Illustrated History Of Content

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 27, 2011

When teachers and professors choose their textbooks and other materials with which to teach students history, they should look for a book that has graphics like this one. Below is an amazing illustration charting visually, our evolution through phases of the ‘creation, curation, circulation, and consumption’ of content from a start at cave paintings all […]


Facebook Homicide: 5 Manners Social Media Killed

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 26, 2011

The following is a crime scene; there are 5 dead manners below. The chief suspect: social media and its greatest accomplice, Facebook. Growing up, my mom was a stickler for manners and they have served me well. I know I slip up all the time, sorry mom, but for the most part I try and […]


Social Media Vocabulary: Social Media Meets Music

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 25, 2011

Ah, Tuesday. The day all the new albums come out. It’s a day I wait for every week for two reasons, the new music and the new Salty Waffle social media vocabulary. Today it’s all in one baby. Ping: Ping is a social network built within iTunes that is all about music. You can update […]


Internet Marketing: SOS my SEO!

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 23, 2011

SEO, internet marketing, marketing, google

So you used your style guide, your ballin’ web designers, and you built a gorgeous, easy to use, gem of a site…but no one ever comes to visit. The problem is: if it isn’t easy for people to find you, they won’t. Be honest, how many times do you look past the first page on […]


Eventbrite Is In Touch With Its Social Side

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 22, 2011

If the crazy Twitter storm set off by the VMA’s didn’t prove events are a major driver of social media, Eventbrite’s newest layer of social integration should say something. As we prepare for the Crunchies tonight, Eventbrite is right at the middle of it, managing the tickets and providing social integration and even directions! Eventbrite was […]


Live At The Crunchies!

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 21, 2011

Were posting live from the Crunchies. Were standing in line next to the creators of swype, the reason I can type this so fast on my droid, and I took a pee with one of the creators of angry birds. Were off to a great start and rolling VIP thanks to Techcrunch so it should […]


San Fran Salty: Headed For The Crunchies!

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 21, 2011

It’s past 2 and I can’t sleep and it must be because tomorrow Salty Waffle is jetting off to San Francisco for TechCrunch’s Crunchies Awards. We’re hoping to meet a ton of great people and learn new things that we can share with you. While we’re there we are going to soak up as much […]


As we wove our way through the Hollywood Hills, over bumpy roads, hairpin turns, and every brand of luxury car in existence, the thought that we almost didn’t make this trip happen gave me chills. Everything about the moment we arrived at the viewpoint was perfect. Perched just underneath the famous Hollywood sign, we stopped […]


Social Media Vocabulary: Fresh From Canada

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 18, 2011

social media vocabulary, social media, facebook, canada, whistler, salty waffle

Freshly back from from Whistler, I thought today’s edition of social media vocabulary should feature some interesting words they toss around in the Great White North. In particular, these are some of the most popular social networking sites in Canada. Go Maple Leafs! Club Penguin: Club Penguin is the first of a few different virtual world type […]


Online Marketing: It’s All About U, and X Marks the Spot

January 16, 2011

Success is a simple formula: One part passion, one part ability. This is true in life, business, and today, your website. Think of your website in two parts, the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI). The user interface is the technical side of the website; it is how a user physically interacts with […]

What Do We Do Online?

January 13, 2011

Last year people spent a lot of time online. This year they are bound to spend even more. It seems like there is always something to do and when you think you’re almost done, you look up and another hour is gone. Well, if you wondered exactly what everyone is doing online all the time, […]

Social Media Vocabulary: Disease and Disorder Edition

January 11, 2011

It’s Tuesday already again and you know what that means; social media vocabulary from Salty Waffle! Today’s list is interesting, it highlights 5 different disorders and diseases that one may suffer from in the world of social media. Don’t worry, you won’t catch anything! Social Media Anxiety: A fear of communication social media sites. Severely […]

Are You On The Right Network For Your Age?

January 10, 2011

It is no secret that there are lots of people using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and LinkedIn, but it may surprise you exactly who those people are. Using Google Ad Planner, Pingdom put together some great statistics on the age distribution across a number of specific social networks and the use of […]

Protected: The Ubers Are Coming, The Ubers Are Coming!

January 9, 2011

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