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February 2011

Does Facebook Make Us Lie?

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 28, 2011

social network, marketing, facebook

A few days ago we talked about how social media is changing cultural norms with regards to some manners. But, could Facebook and social media sites like it also be turning us into liars? We wonder, is a profile page a realistic representation of someone or just what they want to be seen as and not […]


5 Steps To Turn Your Website Into A Secret Weapon

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 26, 2011

Below are blueprints of sorts, the beginning of how exactly to turn your website into your secret weapon. Now you probably think, hey, they will give us a little snippet of something good and then make us pay to get to the good stuff. No way, you’re getting everything. Below is a little bit from […]


Social Media Class: Classrooms are so 2010

by Nicole Donnelly on February 25, 2011


Study after study shows that you learn best by doing. We want to teach you how to use social media through hands on social media classes. You can learn Google Analytics, learn Facebook, learn all about Twitter or just a little. Get the 20k foot view or take a microscope to exactly how to get […]


Infographic Friday: The Crisis In Egypt As Told By Twitter

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 25, 2011

This a great piece done by social media analytics company, Sysomos on the way Twitter saw the crisis in Egypt. It looks at tweets from those in the area before and after January 25th. It is interesting to look at the words that were used most commonly and note that well over a million tweets were […]


Spar(q)ing Seattle’s Social Media Scanning Situation

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 24, 2011

social media, qr code, follow, friend, scanner, iphone, android, salty waffle, facebook, twitter

If you haven’t felt the SPARQ just yet, don’t worry you will! Seattle based start-up SPARQCode has already launched in over 700 stores in Seattle already. They are taking scanning QR codes (These funny black and white squares you see) to a whole new level. With their site, it is easy for businesses of all […]


The Modern Campfire: The Social Side of TV

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 23, 2011

With Google TV, Apple TV, Samsungs Social Media Integration TV Apps, and the growing world of online sites streaming shows around the clock, the way we watch television is certainly changing fast. TV is going social and it seems pretty clear that the entire landscape of providers, content, and delivery will look different in the very […]


Social Media Baby: Help Choose The Name Of My First Born

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 21, 2011

If you didn’t read the bit all over the news about the man in Egypt who named his daughter Facebook, you should check out the story on some of the major news networks. Some go more into depth than others, but the motivation behind naming his new born daughter ‘Facebook’ was powerful. The role that […]


The Power Of Thanks In Social Media And Life

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 20, 2011

Your parents always told you, remember ‘please and thank you’. Well, it turns out it isn’t just for the sake of others and good manners, but its also good for your health, your business, and your social media efforts. For a long time we have known that saying thank you strengthens relationships, improves mood, and […]


Sharing Is Caring: Why You Should Care About More Than Facebook

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 18, 2011

social media, social media trends, social media infographic, salty waffle, social network, facebook

It’s the end of the week and we have another lovely social media related infographic for you to digest. We’ve been building new classes all this week and personally, my mind is a little mushy. When that’s the case, as it usually seems to be on Friday, something visually is a just a bit easier. Take […]


7 Tips To Better Email

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 16, 2011

Earlier we described some of the potential evils associated with email. I read another article since then that said checking emails constantly hurts your IQ more than smoking weed! Here are some tips to help you out with that! Get Gmail. Seriously, this might be a little personal, but it’s just sooooo good at nearly everything […]


Social Media Vocabulary: Group Shopping Extravaganza

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 15, 2011

There are so many group buying sites out there that it’s already almost impossible to keep track of all the deals. If you hear any of these strange names out the in the social media world, it’s a group buying site, we thought you might like to know a few more places to get deals […]


And…I would give out an award for longest title ever, but Lady Antebellum would probably find a way to snatch it from me. Well, it’s now officially Valentine’s Day and the weekend leading up to it gave us all a lot to take in. Let me break down the main points because these are the […]


Traffic Is Vanity, Conversion Is Sanity

February 12, 2011

These are wise words, traffic can make you feel great, but if it doesn’t convert for you, it doesn’t mean much. On Thursday we had a record day in terms of traffic on Salty Waffle, like, by a LOT. One article in particular was viewed over 1,700 times and shared 142 times via Facebook. We’re […]

Anatomy Of A User: Twitter vs. Facebook

February 11, 2011
social media, twitter, facebook, social media class, salt waffle

Facebookers and Twitterer don’t look exactly the same. They have significant overlap, yes, but they are two distinct crowds. If you are looking to target a specific group of people, this breakdown may help you decide where to focus your efforts more heavily. Thank you to Digital Surgeons for this Fridays’ infographic. Note: We have seen statistics for […]

Guest Post By Mark Perl: 12 Tips For LinkedIn Success

February 9, 2011

There are 6.95 billion people in the world, and 1.5 billion of them are online. There are over 700 million on Facebook and over 80 million on LinkedIn (25% of these in Europe). The UK is LinkedIn’s 3rd largest market, with 4 million members. There are 18 million people working in the UK. So LinkedIn is a very powerful platform. Here are 12 critical […]

To Infinity and Beyond: Creating Your ‘Mini-Manifesto’

February 6, 2011

As I sit here in my room, trying to remain productive I keep getting status updates, tweets, and even a text or two mentioning the new Toy Story and just how amazing it is. Being as I haven’t seen it yet, I am growing increasingly jealous of what seems to be every other person in […]

CRAVE KISS-ing? Get some action here…

February 4, 2011

Monday Feb. 7th, 7-9pm in Seattle, WA, I’ll be moderating a panel discussion about Keeping It Simple Stupid for CRAVE Seattle. Lisa Francoise (Sweet Beauty), Carrie Middlemiss (Bella Cupcake Couture), and Jen Mueller (Talk Sporty to Me) and I will spend a couple of hours sharing experiences and answering questions at PNK Ultra Lounge (4th […]