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March 2011

Emotional Intelligence: A Secret to Success?

by Mitchell Cuevas on March 30, 2011

On occasion you meet those people that seem to have ‘it’. You can’t put your finger on it, but you just feel like they have something special. Maybe they are charming or easy to get along with, a good leader or easy to talk to. Whatever it is, they seem to be comfortable and influential […]


Social Media Vocabulary: Authenticity Is Awesome

by Mitchell Cuevas on March 29, 2011

Every once in a while, someone or something will remind me to go back to speaking English. At Salty Waffle, we are immersed in the world of social media classes and we talk like it, especially with each other. Sometimes it takes some blank stares and funny looks to remind me that our vocabulary is […]


Making Sweet Social Music Together

by Mitchell Cuevas on March 28, 2011

Music has been slowly getting back to being the more social experience that it really should be. The digital music age and hostile iPod takeover of the industry really isolated us in our listening and made music more solitary than maybe ever before. Thankfully things are headed back the other way. Social networks like, […]


70/20/10 The New Rule of Marketing

by Nicole Donnelly on March 27, 2011

This weekend, in preparation for a social media class, I read “What Sticks” by Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart. The concept that I latched onto  is that of 70/20/10. Spend 70% on what works, 20% on sustaining innovations, and the critical 10% on leading edge innovation. The idea is that if you spend the majority […]


Men Dominate Twitter: 15% More Followers

by Mitchell Cuevas on March 25, 2011

marketing, twitter, social media, business

Well, YouTube may be the social network site that has more male users, but another site has some interesting trends going in the male direction. It is well-known that most social network activity centers on women and that they are generally more active in social media than men, but some Twitter stats about gender make […]


How the New Google Updates Affect YOU

by Nicole Donnelly on March 24, 2011

how google updates affect me

Well, most likely they won’t. People who write their own content should still have great and climbing SEO ranking.  People who use Auto-blogging are the ones who will feel it the most. Google strives to deliver the most valuable content to their visitors so they are trying to weed out the sites that are not […]


The clouds are rolling in. That is, the metaphorical internet cloud those lovely Microsoft commercials keep harping on. There are a lot of great options out there to do all things cloud related, but since it seems to finally be in vogue, today we’re going to tell you a little bit about Dropbox. Dropbox is […]


Social Media Vocabulary: Location Edition

by Mitchell Cuevas on March 22, 2011

For this week’s (Spring Break!) edition of social media vocabulary we have 5 new words that are all different location-based social networks. Warning: Some of these words are really strange! If you forget one, remember to check out our new social media vocabulary page to review or check out others. Brightkite: Brightkite allows people to […]


Wanna Know What Google Knows About You?

by Mitchell Cuevas on March 21, 2011

Thought so. Personally, I’m Google everything and I don’t fret the power they could potentially wield over me. From Gmail to Chrome, my web experience has a strong Google flavor. If you have quite a bit of Google going on, or even if you just use a few of Google‘s many free products and services, […]


From Ashton to Social Media Bastion: Twitter Has Evolved

by Mitchell Cuevas on March 21, 2011

Twitter, social media, marketing

If you have been to your Twitter page lately, like, the actual one in your browser you have probably noticed the big upgrades they rolled out recently. For a long time, it seemed like Twitter was the only social network site that was actually the worst option for managing your social media profiles and conversations. […]


Japan: Social Media Aid In Real Dollars

by Mitchell Cuevas on March 20, 2011

When the devastating earthquake struck Japan last week, we wrote about how Causes was quickly moving to raise aid money for the relief efforts. In the few days since, several other social media related efforts have popped up to help raise money as well. The results are simply mind-blowing: Causes: Raised $228,000 so far on […]


5 Blogging Services Square Off For Best Uptime

by Mitchell Cuevas on March 19, 2011

If you are trying to start writing for the web, you may be looking around for the best blogging service out there. Content is the center of social media integration and without a good blog service, you can’t get that content out to your people. We use WordPress here at Salty Waffle, but that doesn’t […]


Friday Infographic: The New Marketing Trifecta!

March 17, 2011

In continuing with a tradition of awesome infographics from Flowtown, we’re bringing you the new marketing trifecta! Flowtown sees social media, mobile, and email as the core of an effective (and inexpensive) modern marketing plan, so if you’re bootstrapping like us, check it out! If you need help executing, try out our classes, we’re teaching […]

You Are The New History Channel

March 16, 2011

Can you remember the last time someone took a picture and the next comment from them or someone else didn’t involve concern over when it would be tagged and posted to Facebook? Social media has changed the way humans record history. I was watching a movie where a guy joking about Facebook says, “I don’t […]

Social Media Vocabulary: Facebook Apps Edition

March 15, 2011

At Salty Waffle we were recently updating our social media vocabulary page with about 100 new words (!), and noticed that we have quite a bit on Twitter and somehow, seem to have slightly neglected Facebook. Today is going to make up for that because we have 5 new social media vocabulary terms that are […]

Social Media Quick To Japan’s Aid After Massive Earthquake

March 11, 2011

First, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those reeling after the earthquake in Japan just hours ago. We wish all those affected the best and know that relief is on the way fast. As news broke I was on my computer and read some of the initial articles, some of which had just […]

If Countries Were Social Networks, This Is What The World Would Look Like

March 10, 2011

Well, normally we like to wait to give you an awesome social media infographic until Friday, but this week is special because tomorrow we have something hilarious to send you to the weekend with. So for today take a look at this version of the world map where countries are represented by the color of […]