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April 2011

5 Signs Your Website Needs A Redesign

by Mitchell Cuevas on April 30, 2011

Site looking a little haggard? Maybe a little 90′s chic? Think it might be time to bring it in to the 21st Century? Here are 5 signs you (definitely) need a redesign: You have a template website. You probably picked up this beauty when the internetbegan because everyone had to have one. Things have happened since […]


Live And Die By Your Social Media Metrics

by Mitchell Cuevas on April 29, 2011

This week has touched on social media influence and social media ROI. So, what ties those two together nicely? Social media analytics! We’ve gone over some tools for measuring your influence and tracking your efforts, but now what do you with that information exactly? Unfortunately, no one answer is right for every person or every […]


Social Butterfly: All About My Recent 5 Way

by Mitchell Cuevas on April 28, 2011

Let’s be honest, one-on-one is great, but who hasn’t thought about the college threesome or even an office foursome? I mean, get out your webcam right? OK, OK! Sorry, before this gets too much farther and I get into trouble, what I’m really talking about does involve multiple people and a webcam, but our activities […]


Gasp! Google Search Alternatives

by Mitchell Cuevas on April 27, 2011

In many ways, Google controls the fate of your website. You simply have to pay attention to how Google is assigning value to links and be constantly aware of changes to their algorithm if you want to rank high and come up on that all important first page. Lately, the emphasis has been on integrating information from […]


Face it, studies show humans are visual learners, so in a content-filled world of social media, an eye-catching profile picture will give you an edge. Use these 5 easy tips to stick out and take your profile pic from ordinary to extraordinary! To take a great picture: 1. Say ‘cheese’: People are more approachable when they […]

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Ever thought about exactly how much one of your Facebook fans or Twitter followers might be worth? In terms of real dollars? Well, Chompon set out to figure just that out and came back with some interesting results: Unfortunately, these numbers don’t necessarily mean that every time someone tweets about you, it’s going to translate […]


Poll: Which Type of Twitterer Are You?

by Mitchell Cuevas on April 24, 2011

twitter type, which type of twitter person are you, what kind of tweeter are you, social media, Twitter, salty waffle

If you break down all the different types of people on Twitter out there into groups, it seems there are about 6 main types. Convenient because there are also 6 Stages To Twitter Evolution! If you were to classify yourself, which group would you fall into? The Maven? Mensch? Smore? Maybe you are sitting between […]


Sadly, Steve Carell’s time on the ‘The Office’ is running out. Michael has to be one of the great TV characters of all time. Like a good boss, Michael makes his office work, albeit in a very unconventional way. They waste a ton of time in the conference room with pointless meetings and general shenanigans, […]


10 Things I Hate About You(r Facebook)

by Mitchell Cuevas on April 22, 2011

We talk about the many reasons that Facebook is awesome, useful, and generally improves parts of our lives, but there is another side, the side of Facebook that can be aggravating and annoying. So, seeing as it’s Friday, that I’ve been sick all week, and on Facebook more than usual, I decided to compile a […]


The Top 5 Ways To Get Laid Using Social Media

by Mitchell Cuevas on April 21, 2011

Sorry if that title was a little misleading, this is actually about the Top 5 dating sites and personals sites as of right now. It is interesting to see how social media is changing the way we date and especially, start relationships. I know quite a few couples that met online and I’m sure you […]


How and Why: You Probably Want To Get Going On Google +1

by Mitchell Cuevas on April 20, 2011

SEO and social media are getting more and more friendly with each other every day. The fact is, Google and the other search engines recognize that information about link sharing along on social networks is just too valuable to pass up and they have to start putting it to use to make search even better. […]


Social Media Vocabulary: Top 5 Social Media Blogs In 2011

by Mitchell Cuevas on April 19, 2011

When it comes to social media vocabulary and the conversations surrounding it, a lot of what is included are mentions about various blogs and sites that so many get their information from. These are the top 5 social media and SEO blogs out there right now. Rankings were done by Cision and were based on […]


How To: Tell When Someone Deletes (Unfriends) You On Facebook

April 17, 2011

UPDATE: I am warning you, what I am about to teach you may give you information you think you want to know, but actually don’t. While there are all sorts of scams out there promising to tell you who is visiting your Facebook the most and other bogus apps like that, this is a little […]

Search, Social, and Satisfaction: 2 Simple SEO Lessons

April 16, 2011

The way Google and other search engines are calculating SEO value is changing more often than ever before. Google reacts quickly with changes to its algorithm and as the online landscape rapidly shifts, especially to compensate for the rise of social media, search engines are forced to adapt quickly. A couple recent events have highlighted the […]

In Social Media, Chicks Rule

April 15, 2011

Yes, sorry gents, but it looks like the ladies are still dominating the social media world on almost every network. Not only do they have higher numbers, they are more active. Is it time to step up our game or does social networking come more naturally to women? Whatever it is, it seems like getting […]

5 Tips For Saving Time On Twitter

April 14, 2011

If you have been trying to build up your Twitter skills and enhance your social media strategy with your tweeting and following, we have some tips that will help save you some time. Many thanks to Leyl Black for inspiration on this awesome list. Follow Other’s Lists: Chances are, there is a comprehensive list of people […]

Aliens Real: FBI, Facebook Confirm

April 13, 2011

The famous Roswell incident has always been the story believers in flying saucers and alien life point to as some kind of proof. Conspiracy theories and rumors about a supposed crash landing of alien ships in New Mexico and the shrouded nature of Area 51 leave many wondering if something extraterrestrial did happen all those […]