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September 2011

A Rosy Future For Entrepreneurs? [Infographic]

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 30, 2011

business, entrepreneurs, social media, 2011, infographic, salty waffle, small business, sba, start-up

Are things looking rosy for start-ups and small businesses? The Grasshopper group has put together an  interesting look at the business landscape and how entrepreneurs are feeling about the economy in the coming year. Almost 40% of businesses in the U.S. plan to add staff in the next year! Are you feeling as optimistic as those surveyed?


Poll: Which One Annoys/Annoyed You The Most?

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 29, 2011

product fails, facebook, new facebook, salty waffle

Doesn’t is seem like big companies and products have been failing us a lot lately? Of all the recent failures, which of them affected you the most? Which was the most annoying? Have you forgiven and forgotten? Let us know.  


4 Tools To Kill Off That Bulging Email Inbox

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 28, 2011

thinkspace, salty waffle, social media, business, reduce email

When Kristin over at thinkspace put together this article, I knew I’d want to pay attention. I know she gets a lot internal emails and I was interested in her solutions for a bulging inbox. If you get a lot of get a lot of email, check out some of the awesome ways she deals […]

new facebook, salty waffle, social media, social media vocabulary

By now, you have probably either accepted the new look of Facebook, albeit grudgingly, or moved on to Google+ or something else. Either way, you will want to know what all this new stuff is so you can properly praise it or complain about it. So, this week social media vocabulary is giving a name to […]


Uh Oh! The New Facebook.

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 26, 2011

Well, if you somehow haven’t heard, Facebook is different. Everyone seems to really hate the redesign, but either way, it’s here to stay. Our favorite vlogger, Cassidy Quin Brettler has a video breaking down the changes right here! Enjoy!


3 Alternatives To Google Docs

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 25, 2011

You know we love collaboration and you know we like working where it’s easiest, so naturally we’re huge fans of Google Docs. We have talked about our virtual office before and our Google Docs are a big part of that. As great and as feature rich as Google Docs is, it is always good to […]


86% of B2B Firms Are Using Social Media. Are You?

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 23, 2011

We couldn’t decide which of these infographics on social media, business, and B2B so we’re giving you a double dose of digital goodness this Friday morning. Only 50% of companies that do social track it? Crazy.  


Build Your Own Android Or iPhone App On Your Lunch Break

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 22, 2011

salty waffle app, salty waffle, build your own app, conduit

Scratch that, make it build your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox, even iPad or regular web app in record time. At Salty Waffle, we’ve always had getting an app together on the list of things to do. Well, I finally scratched it off the to-do list when I discovered Conduit Mobile. Conduit […]


The 3 Keys To Making Groupon Work For You (And Not Destroy You)

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 21, 2011

groupon, synotac, salty waffle, group deal, groupon bad for business

Our friends at Synotac have put up another post in their series on group deal sites and this one is just fantastic. Cameron talks about planning and considerations that should take place before you dive into a  deal situation. If you’re thinking about a group deal, definitely check out this post and the rest of […]


Trick: Share Any Facebook Photo With Anyone

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 19, 2011

unlock facebook photos, salty waffle

Ever run into the problem of sharing pictures from your Facebook with someone not on Facebook? (Yeah, there are still people who don’t have one) Or better yet, wanted to share a friend’s photo with a person who isn’t friends with them? Well, here’s how to do both. The Non-Facebooker: To share one of your […]


Send From Multiple Email Accounts Out Of One Place, Gmail

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 18, 2011

gmail, send multiple accounts, send as, how to set up multiple accounts, salty waffle

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few email accounts floating around out there. In the case that you have a business account and a few personal accounts or any combination there of, you probably find it irritating to have to log in and out to different accounts so that you can reply […]


The Anatomy Of A Facebook Fan [Infographic]

by Mitchell Cuevas on September 16, 2011

Today’s infographic is going to get you up close and personal with those lovely Facebook fans of yours. Moontoast has put together a great breakdown of different engagement factors and even a little chart on how data flows through Facebook based on the type of connection. Take a look, it is an interesting glimpse into […]


This Is What Life Is All About: Love And Shoestrings

September 12, 2011
love and shoestrings, macklemore, zia, music video, entrepreneur

Every once in a while you will see something that really inspires you or just hits on something so near and dear you can’t help but keep thinking about it. Sometimes it brings on goosebumps, sometimes the feeling that you’re right where you should be, sometimes it’s a smile you can’t keep in. The feeling […]

Guest Post: The 4 Ways Your Website Visitors Make Decisions

September 11, 2011

This is another great guest post from our friends down in Portland at Synotac web design. They have a knack for understanding what makes the people that make up your web traffic tick and that is reflected in their succesful redesigns. This article should help you get a glimpse into your own traffic. How do […]

Email: 34% of Sharing on the Web

September 10, 2011

In recent years Facebook has become the king of spreading content, being responsible for about 45% of the spread of content across the web. The second in command may surprise you, though. That’s right, remember that hot new thing of the nineties? The trendy, movie inducing, yahoo-making, ‘instant sharing’, thing that used to be the […]

Bible Pong: Share God’s Word With Your World

September 10, 2011
social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media kids, social media family, social media game

Two weeks ago we explored the benefits of social media site Just1Word. Now I would like to introduce you to a fun app they have made called Bible Pong. This app is a fun way to share scripture, tell others your views, and have fun in the process. As the Just1Word blogexplains this app is […]

Is Your Social Working? [Infographic]

September 9, 2011

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with social media is not tracking your efforts. Though about 80% of companies surveyed said they do social, only 40% of those said they tracked their efforts. We’ve talked about tools for doing this before, but Flowtown has another great infographic here about the state of ‘Social […]