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October 2011

Guest Post: 4 Tips To Hiring An Intern

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 31, 2011


If you’re looking for an intern, check out these great tips from our friends over at thinkspace! Over the weekend, I blogged about why small business owners should consider hiring an intern. Here are a few more suggestions and resources for developing a successful internship program: Figure out what type of internship you want to create. It’s important […]


Social And SEO, You Can’t Have One Without The Other

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 30, 2011

These days, you can’t have an SEO strategy that doesn’t have social media at the core, not a good one at least. The two are merging. Dynamic SEO is king and the social search movement is tying search to your social network so tightly, not a single person will have the same results. This graphic is a […]


Non-Profits And Social Media [Infographic]

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 28, 2011

social media, social media infographic, social media infographic 2011, salty waffle, non-profits

If there were ever organizations on a tight budget, non-profits are it. They need to do as much good on the least amount of money. That’s why a good social media strategy is so fitting for many of them. Take a look at how some big name non-profits are doing with social media. Social truly […]


Happy Halloween: You’ve Been Facebook Stalked

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 27, 2011

take this lollipop

Don’t do this alone! If you’re looking for a little social media fun this Halloween, you might want to try out a site called Like This Lollipop. It’s guaranteed to creep you out! If you ever wanted to know what it felt like to be stalked, this is the place for you. The site connects […]


Guest Post: 5 Myths About Digitally Transmitted Diseases

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 26, 2011

social media, condom, virus, faronics, salty waffle

Our friends in the security business have put together a great piece on the 5 biggest myths surrounding things your computer can pick up during your travels through the interweb. Are you safe online? There is a lot of FUD surrounding malware these days. The latest research tells us that there are now over 70000 new pieces […]


Social Media Vocabulary: The Bird Is The Word

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 25, 2011

social media vocabulary, social media, salty waffle, twittersphere, ZOMG, infographic, lappy, social graph, unfollow, oxford, oxford dictionary, twitter

There’s no question that the internet and social media are reshaping our vocabulary on a daily basis. Even the Oxford Dictionary is getting with the times. Just last week they introduced ZOMG and Twittersphere to a growing list of new words with a decidedly tech and social feel.

In honor of this, Salty Waffle’s social media vocabulary edition for today will take a look at 5 words recently admitted the Oxford Dictionary. You can now officially use these without the annoying red squigly line popping up below! (…like it did on squigly…)

ZOMG: An enthusiastic version of OMG, slang for the phrase ‘oh my god’. Used to portray excitement or shock, can be used in any sense that the phrase ‘oh my god’ applies to. The Z is though to have originated from Read more...


Social Media In College Education [Infographic]

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 21, 2011

social media, schools, education, salty waffle, saltywaffle

This infographic is sweet! Social Media should be a bigger part of school, it’s something we want and this infographic gives us hope that one day social will not only be taught well in schools, but used as a tool to enhance the learning process. Check it out!


How To Tell Who Deleted You On New Facebook [Update]

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 20, 2011

salty waffle, facebook, who deleted me on facebook, how do i know if someone deleted me on facebook, facebook friend checker, chrome, safari, firefox, internet explorer, tell me if a friend deletes me

If you were one of the many people who have been using the script we wrote about a while back to track when someone deletes you on Facebook, you may have noticed it stopped working when the new Facebook launched in September. Well, as far as we can tell the script hasn’t been fixed yet. […]


Occupy Wall Street: The Social Media Map

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 19, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protests

When I saw this map of Occupy Wall Street, I had to share. ESRI has put together a map marking significant pieces of media and social media related to Occupy Wall Street. There are YouTube videos, tweets, and pictures. You can move about the map and look at reactions related to the movement. It’s easier to try out than […]


Bring A Little Love To Facebook With

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 17, 2011

social media, social, music, facebook music, last fm,

If you’ve been on Facebook lately and seen all the Spotify posts about what people are listening to, you know that sharing tracks is a really natural social  thing to do. Well, before all this business with Facebook Music and Spotify, some people over at already knew this. In fact, they’ve been helping people […]


3 Twitter Do’s and 3 Twitter Don’ts

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 15, 2011

When it comes to Twitter, there is some etiquette involved. At Salty Waffle we’re all about passing on the social media knowledge we’ve come by, so here are three things you should do on Twitter, and three things you probably shouldn’t. If you are interested in learning more about social media etiquette and best practices, try out one of […]

social media resume, social media, facebook

Our friends at Faronics have been hard at work writing a bunch of great articles on everything from how to be safer online, to trends in social media. If you need a security expert, they are a great source. This is a guest post from Ryan at Faronics on just how important it is to […]


3 Social Media Tools For Your Emergency Kit

October 7, 2011
social media, social media disaster, social media emergency, social media use in emergencies, salty waffle, earthquake, twitter, twitter emergency

There may not be anything more affected by social media than the way we hear about, react, and respond to emergencies and disasters. If you think back on some of the most recent catastrophic events, Twitter was often first on the scene. People used it to give quick updates, talk to family, and help warn […]

Social Media Certification

October 5, 2011
social media, social media class

Google it and see how many credible looking pages you find. How many actual schools have a program listed? How many universities even have a single class offered on social media? A seminar even? If your search was anything like mine, it was filled with junk. Links and ads that make hard to tell which […]

Social Media Vocabulary: Captcha My Memeing?

October 4, 2011

Another Tuesday, another list of strange words that are crawling around the social media world. Check these out and make a stop by the Salty Waffle social media vocabulary page for even more! Meme: (internet meme) any idea that is spread through the web. This can be a hyperlink, video, update, really anything that spreads through the internet. Captcha: Captcha is […]

Protected: Faronics Class Notes From Nicole

October 3, 2011

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Protected: Social Media Graduation And Looking Ahead

October 3, 2011

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