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November 2011

5 Psychological Effects Of Too Much Social Media [Good and Bad]

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 30, 2011

It’s hard to know what the long-term effects of social media will be, especially on younger generations that will grow up plugged into Facebook as soon as they can type. What we can look at though, are some short-term effects, not all of which are negative. In fact, some great articles over at PsychCentral point […]


Everything You Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving [Infographic]

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 25, 2011


We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, or at least a day off and some tasty food. Here is a great infographic on some interesting history behind Thanksgiving. Also, be sure to check out this article that links 6 other awesome Thanksgiving infographics, you will learn a ton!


Klout’s Birthday Gift to You!

by Nicole Donnelly on November 23, 2011

klout score, social media measurement, data visualization

Today is my birthday, at least for a few more minutes. The Happy Birthdays started pouring in yesterday from my friends in places like Australia and Singapore. As the Birthday wishes came in my Klout score shot up! Look at the change from a little birthday love. This made me wonder what in the world […]


Help Us Save The Internet

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 23, 2011


Congress is looking at a bill designed to help stop piracy on the internet, but has language and provisions in it that could be severely abused and drastically limit freedom of speech on the internet. It threatens web-based companies like our own, Odd Dog’s, and many other’s ability to do business if passed. Please consider […]


5 Hootsuite Tools To Save You From Twitter Overload

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 22, 2011

social media, twitter, hootsuite, social media vocabulary, salty waffle

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Hootsuite here, we use it everyday to make our lives easier and keep up with the dizzying world of Twitter. We teach about Hootsuite in our classes and I figured, hey, these are some great social media vocabulary words people should know. Some of these words are unique […]


The Essential Remote Business Kit

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 21, 2011

social media, team, business, group, collaborate

Running a business where you don’t have a traditional office or your winning team is geographically spread, is easier than ever before thanks to a number of tools. Staying in touch, sharing materials, and collaborating on your business can be done very efficiently and nearly free. Try out our remote business toolkit and if you […]


Guest Post | Back To Basics: 4 Social Platforms For All

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 20, 2011

social media

In order for businesses to be successful today they need to have an online presence. It is imperative to be active in all the places your customers hang out online and connect with them in those locations. Social media amplifies your efforts to connect and the new word of mouth is media platforms such as […]


The Business Of Social Media [Infographic]

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 18, 2011


74% of consumers rely on social networks to help guide purchase decisions. Wow. If you ever doubted whether all that Facebook and Twitter work was worth, 3/4 of the population just said yes, we use it to decide whether or not we’re buying your product. That was just one of the great statistics in this […]


Geosocial, The NBA Lockout, and Infographics Galore

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 16, 2011

I know that we usually show you our favorite infographics on Fridays, but being that today is my birthday and I personally love them so much, I’m putting a couple awesome ones up right now! Check both of these out, the first is on who is using location based social networks and the second is […]


Facebook Feed: Most Recent Is Back!

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 10, 2011

social media, salty waffle, facebook, new facebook, news feed, edgerank, nfo

Remember when new Facebook took away the ability to organize your new feed chronologically? Well, apparently enough people didn’t like it and Facebook has decided to add back the option to sort your news feed by time updates were posted, rather than by which ones Facebook thinks you will find important. This is a slight win […]


Guest Post: Enhance Your Contact Page!

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 9, 2011

social media, salty waffle

This is another great guest post from our friends over at Synotac, check out these easy ways to make your contact page better in a snap! Did you know that you might have overlooked an opportunity to wow and engage your most valuable visitors? Have you checked out your contact success message lately? Some websites […]


Is A Bachelor’s Degree Really Worth The Cost? [Infographic]

by Mitchell Cuevas on November 4, 2011

social media, college, bachelor, degree, salty waffle, rasmussen

I’ve really been wondering about this for a long time, so when I saw this infographic, I knew it had to go up. Check out this interesting look at the cost of a degree courtesy of Rasmussen College.


Guest Post: How HR Uses Social Media

November 2, 2011

These HR tips come from Erin Palmer and Villanova University’s online programs. If you’re interested in advancing your HR knowledge consider a human resources certification program or to really advance your career opportunities enroll in a Masters Degree in Human Resources program. In recent years social media has taken the world by storm. Many companies have […]

Social Media Vocabulary: Twitter #hashtag Edition

November 1, 2011
social media, hashtag, trend, twitter, social media vocabulary

Twitter has not only given us a slough of new Twitter-based words, it also adds to the growing world of new social media vocabulary with the hashtags that grow out of the network. These are 5 of the most popular trends from 2010 mixed with a couple of our personal favorites. If you’re tweeting, it might […]