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January 2012

Social Media Vocabulary: Google+ Edition

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 31, 2012

social media, google plus, google+, circles, google circles, google sparks, social media vocabulary, salty waffle, google hangouts, google huddle

If you have been wandering aimlessly around Google Plus wondering what all these oddly named things are, that’s good because today’s social media vocabulary is here to help out. Here are 5 Google Plus related vocab words to get familiar with! Circles: The first thing you will notice when you start with Google+ are the circles. These […]


Getting Sticky With Social Media

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 30, 2012

sticky social media, sticky facebook, sticky social network, social media

A term web people might use to describe a site is sticky. It sounds a little strange, but it’s actually a huge measure of a website’s success. The stickier the better. The measure of a websites ‘stickiness’ can be found in the page views per visitor; the more pages a person goes to on the site, the […]


Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

by Angel Soria on January 29, 2012

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

The number of people who access the web on a smartphone is rapidly increasing.  Mobile users want content at their fingertips, that they can access anytime, anywhere.  Developing a mobile friendly site means creating a site that’s elastic enough to display nicely on whatever device your end user is viewing it on.  Website owners are […]


Social Media And Law: Where Do We Go From Here? #Infographic

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 27, 2012

salty waffle, social media, law

For as comfortable as many people are using social networks, clicking the ‘I Agree’ button flippantly, and uploading content of all different kinds, it is always good to have a reminder of the how new this stuff really is and how much lawyering has gone on behind the scenes to make it all possible. Organizations are still […]

facebook, salty waffle, super fan

If you intend to use Facebook tools and applications to generate more sales for your business, then you need to make an effort to get the attention of your customers on Facebook and turn them into super fans. Remember, a super fan is that one unique and very important customer who not only purchases your […]


Clash Of The Titans: Google AdWords vs. Organic SEO

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 23, 2012

seo, adwords, salty waffle, dynamic seo, odd dog media, seo firm

Tom over at Odd Dog Media put up a great breakdown of how to decide which is better for you, AdWords or Organic SEO and since…you know, we’re kinda into that sorta thing, we thought it would be helpful for all of you to take a look at as well. Which path are you taking? […]


The Significance Of An Opt-In Box

by Angel Soria on January 22, 2012

Facebook Fan Page Opt-In Box

Any local business owner can use the Internet to get more customers, clients, or patients immediately.  If you haven’t already done so go to your website and Facebook Fan Page, (hopefully you have both), and get what’s called an opt-in form or opt-in box.  When someone comes to your website or fan page there should […]


Privacy Settings: Avoid The Social Media Paparazzi

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 21, 2012

You know the paparazzi, they’ll take any opportunity to catch a star like yourself doing something a little less than kosher. If you’re looking or have just applied for a job, employers  will most likely seek out your social media profiles and they are usually in paparazzi mode. In other words, they are out specifically […]


Is Social Media Good For America? #Infographic

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 20, 2012

social media, social media class, democracy, america

This is an interesting look at how social media has affected youth as far as democracy and many of the elements of the First Amendment goes. It looks like students who regularly use social media are more appreciative of how far the First goes to protect our rights. This is an interesting study on democracy […]



by Mitchell Cuevas on January 18, 2012

Hey, if you care at all about how much control the government has on the content you can see online, you need to help us stop SOPA and PIPA. These are very similar bills before congress designed to curb online piracy, but in fact allow for the government to shut down any site they deem […]


Social Media Vocabulary: Measure Your Social Influence

by Mitchell Cuevas on January 18, 2012

social media vocabulary, social media influence, online influence, twitter influence, how to measure influence in social media, measure social network influence, Facebook influence, salty waffle, measuring social media influence, social network influence, engagement, influence, real-time social search, social search, seo

It’s no secret that search is going is social. Influence in social media is already a part of what drives page ranking at Google and Bing. We’ve written about different ways to measure your own influence in social media on a few occasions, but things change fast. There are more great tools out there than […]


We live in a world surrounded by ads, that’s clear. With more methods of advertising, come more ways we learn to block them out. We are numb to many types of push marketing techniques, those types of ads and campaigns that saturate and annoy. Thankfully, we also live in a world where social media offers […]


Why You Need An Effective Facebook Fan Page

January 15, 2012
Why You Need An Effective Facebook Fan Page

As a business professional you need to realize marketing is the lifeblood of your business.  Facebook Fan Pages are an efficient way to promote a business, brand, product, or service and the best part is they’re FREE!  In order to compete today you need to have a strong, professional social media presence and pages give […]

Should You Even Have A Twitter?

January 13, 2012
twitter, flowtown

Flowtown has created an excellent flowchart for individuals presented with that fateful question: Should I get a Twitter? Do you have a Twitter account yourself? If not, does this flowchart lead you to want to get one? Let us know!

Guest Post: “She’s Cute, But Is She Really Your Friend?”

January 11, 2012
social media, security, cyber criminal, facebook

We all get them, the random friend requests from a girl who’s only photo you can see is…well…intriguing. Do you accept them to add to your friend count or up the beauty level of your friend lineup? No! Cyber criminals are using pictures of pretty girls and guys to get at your personal information. Kelly Batke of […]

5 WordPress Plugins Every Good Blog Needs

January 10, 2012
social media, wordpress, plugins

When it comes to having a great blog, WordPress may just be the best place to start, especially if you aren’t the most technically savvy person (and even if you are!). When you start off fresh with a brand new WordPress install, it is nice to throw a few great plugins on it to increase functionality right […]

How To Be Creative (A Step By Step)

January 9, 2012
saltywaffle creative

Creative is something almost all of us are constantly striving to be. It’s an eternal struggle to dig deep and pull out the best of what we have to create something inspired and that (hopefully) inspires others as well. If there were a way to unlock your most creative self regularly, you’d be interested right? […]