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February 2012

Getting Social with NBA All-Star Weekend

by Angel Soria on February 26, 2012

All-Star Game

As social media has evolved so has the NBA and All-Star weekend has become a huge social event.  Last year, the NBA had 1 million fans in China following them on social media. This year they have 41 million thanks to Jeremy Lin.  They also have 200 million fans globally through Twitter and 14 international […]


Guest Post: How Social Media Affects Your Job Prospects

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 25, 2012

This post is written by John Lewis and he works at PriceCollate. You can checkout the blog of website here. Social media users need to be careful about what they post on Facebook, Twitter and other media-sharing profiles. A growing number of employees are using online resources to screen potential candidates, including Myspace, Facebook and other social […]


Oh The Pinsanity! #infographic

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 24, 2012


This infographic has been floating the last couple of weeks, but if you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a shock. It does a great job of putting just how HUGE Pinterest is right now. It is astounding. More traffic driven than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined? Yes. Businesses of all kinds are clamoring to […]


Who Deleted Me? Facebook, Twitter

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 23, 2012

who deleted me on facebook, who removed me on facebook, unfriend, salty, saltywaffle

We have two very popular articles floating around about how to tell if someone removes (unfriends) you on Facebook, but we decided it is time for an update since changes to Facebook have broken some of those methods. We’re also going to throw in how to tell which of your Twitter followers left you and […]


Guest Post: Is Facebook A Serious Addiction?

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 22, 2012

facebook, facebook addiction, faronics, saltywaffle

It’s been a while since we had a guest post from our friends over at Faronics so we thought it was high we brought you one. This post comes courtesy of Nimritta Parmar. Most people have joked about being addicted to Facebook at one time or another, but it may have more truth to it […]


President’s Day Gift! $10 Free Dollars, For Real.

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 20, 2012


Hey Salty peeps! Thought we’d let you know about this great deal over on for $20 to spend on anything at Overstock for just $10. The way we see it, that’s $10 free dollars and that sounds nice. Get yourself something sweet for President’s Day!


Adding A (Really Cool) Social Layer To Music

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 20, 2012

music social, social music, saltywaffle, listen to music with friends online

If you’re like me and enjoy listening to music while you work, these sites are NOT for you. You see, these sites are so addicting that adding them to your music discovery and listening options might end up distratcing you from your work for long periods of time. You’ve been warned. All that said, these […]


Maximizing Your Offline Network

by Angel Soria on February 19, 2012

Maximizing Your Offline Network

It’s easy to take online relationship building for granted but that’s no reason to neglect your offline network.  Digital handshakes reach more people, fast, at little to no cost but nothing beats a face-to-face handshake.  You can find a variety of professional networking groups and events in your area such as the Chamber of Commerce […]


Business Apps Made For Your Facebook Pages

by Daniel Labrum on February 18, 2012

Did you know that there are numerous ways you can improve your Facebook Page by using Facebook’s business apps? There are many apps designed for expanding the abilities of your fan page. Some of these are free, some are paid. Chances are, if you have seen something cool on a fan page that you don’t […]


Internet Usage Predictions #Infographic

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 17, 2012

social media, online use, salty waffle

What will our online obsession come to? Check out some of these predictions.


We’re Not Pinterested

by Mitchell Cuevas on February 16, 2012

pinterest, social media

Men! What’s going on? More than 80% of the Pinterest user base is made up of women! We all better catch up on this whole Pinterest thing. Why you ask? Well, the numbers are insane, historic actually. Pinterest is the fastest website to reach 10 million unique visitors. Ever. Ever. Think of sites like Etsy […]


Guest Post: 5 Reasons People Will Unfollow You on Twitter

by Christine Kane on February 15, 2012

twitter, unfollow, salty waffle

Because of the ease in following people on Twitter once you join you usually get flooded with notifications that new people are following you on a daily basis. Some of these people will be your friends and colleagues, some of these people will be businesses trying to connect with you, some of these people have […]


How to Date on Twitter Part II: The Do’s and Don’ts

February 14, 2012
tweet me, Twitter dating, How to date on Twitter Part II, Tweet your Crush, The Do's and Don'ts of Twitter

  Well today is Valentine’s Day, the holiday that most couples enjoy and singles prefer not to mention. All you singles, I suggest you spoil yourself today, buy a box of chocolates, and indulge as you read this article on the Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter-Dating. How to Date on Twitter Part I covered the […]

Pimp Out Your GMail With 5+ Apps

February 13, 2012
gmail, salty waffle, rapportive, streak, email

If you’re using Gmail, you’re halfway to awesome email! Gmail serves as a great hub for all your Google products and is extremely reliable and customizeable, as you about to find out. Take your Gmail to the next level with these 5 great extensions for Chrome. (I linked extensions for chrome, but you can find […]

How to Customize Your Google+ URL

February 12, 2012

Have you been wondering if there’s a way to customize your Google+ URL?  Wonder no more my friends, your answer is here.  There’s a free service called that shortens your Google+ URL into a nice, easy to remember link.  Plug in your G+ profile ID number on and a customized URL will be […]

Wrestling Online Privacy #Infographic

February 10, 2012

This is one of the most through infographics we’ve ever featured and it comes courtesy of Recent changes to Google’s privacy policy highlight this graphic, so if you’re curious about the state of your online data, take a good look! Source:  

Your Tweets Are Worth Ca$h

February 9, 2012

The last election popularized the idea of donating your presence in social media to a candidate. Since then, Causes and other sites have been using this practice to spread the word about various charitable campaigns. To support a particular cause, you simply allow the Facebook application to post a message on your behalf to your personal […]