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August 2012

MasterChef on Twitter

by Angel Soria on August 31, 2012

MasterChef on Twitter

If you’re not yet doing so I highly recommend following MasterChef on Twitter.  The culinary smash hit does an amazing job building their presence on the real-time information network which quickly shares updates with their followers.  As part of their Twitter campaign they use a # (hashtag) marking the keyword #masterchef, driving people to categorize […]


Social media plays a big part in modern life. Social sites have gigantic user bases and it is now becoming ever more difficult to find people that don’t use social media. Social media is so popular that most people don’t just use one social media site, but often have multiple different accounts. The problem is […]


Art in Miniature

by Guest Writer on August 30, 2012

Pic 1

I love trolling through Pinterest. The social media site exposes me to all sorts of things I would otherwise never have known about. Take, for example, these pieces of miniature art. Who would have ever thought something so small could be so gorgeous? You know, usually when we think of art we think painting or […]


App of the Week

by Matt Lim on August 28, 2012

App of the Week If you’ve ever needed to send a document but there wasn’t a scanner nearby CamScanner is the solution to your mobile document needs.  This auto cropping, pdf creating, image enhancing app lets you take a picture of a paper document and it will convert it to a digital copy.  CamScanner is […]


In order to keep your reach and SEO (search engine optimization) up, it is important to continually post to your Facebook page and Twitter account multiple times a day.  However, certain times are better than others. So, how do we know when to post in order to reach the most people? Unfortunately, there is no […]


Last week we introduced you to analytics in social media.  This week, we are going to focus on Sprout Social, one of the analytics programs we use to analyze Twitter and Facebook. This is perhaps one of the more visually appealing analytics programs and because of that, one of the easiest to read and understand. […]


Social Media Vocabulary: LMGTFY

by Bryce Lokken on August 24, 2012

Screen shot 2012-08-24 at 9.16.58 AM

LMGTFY: Let me Google that for you. LMGTFY is the 21st century’s equivalent of “do I LOOK like your mother?” Simply put, it’s pretty rude AND really funny.  If you know your audience. James: ‘hey man, do you know how tall mount everest is?  I need to know for a project’ John: ‘LMGTFY bro.’ Which […]


Online Review Sites, and What They Mean for Businesses

by Guest Writer on August 23, 2012

Online review sites may seem like they are a dime a dozen, but business owners would be foolish to ignore them. The fact is, online review sites, such as Yelp and Angie’s List, are effectively the new form of word-of-mouth. They are massively influential in shaping consumer opinion, which means they can prove make-or-break for […]

Screen shot 2012-08-21 at 12.59.35 PM

Today’s manic rant is about social media interaction.  Guess what?  You might need to be doing it differently.  Are you commenting back to your fans and community?  Are you actually DISCUSSING things with them, or are you just posting articles and wandering off? There is a huge impact to be made by coming down to […]


Do These Apps Make Me Look Fat?

by Guest Writer on August 21, 2012

Social shopping options allow customers to get opinions before purchasing It’s almost an involuntary “click” these days. You’re shopping for a product online and as you enter in your search parameters, you automatically choose the option “user reviews: four stars or higher.” Why not? You probably haven’t used all of the different brand options for what […]


App of the Week

by Matt Lim on August 21, 2012

Photosynth Microsoft created a great app for picture enthusiasts when they came out with Photosynth.  Photosynth lets you take panoramic pictures but in any direction.  Up, down, diagonal or even plain old sideways. Microsoft made Photosynth user friendly.  Easy of use is extremely important with a camera app for a mobile device. To start: you […]

Elite Dance Academy is currently enrolling for the Fall Session

Elite Dance Academy is currently enrolling for the Fall Session.  Ages 18 months to adults are welcome to attend with a variety of classes for everyone, such as:   Jazz Musical Ballet Hip Hop Adult Hip Hop Boys Hip Hop Pointe Lyrical Acting Contemporary Tech Tap Acro Pre Dance Tumble / Tap Creative Movement Space […]


Free Stuff & Discounts for High Klout

August 19, 2012
klout score, klout

Do you know your Klout score? In the San Francisco airport you can get free airport lounge access if you have a high enough Klout score! There are many other places, especially in San Fran and “The Valley” that will give you a discount for a high Klout score. Pretty cool! Just connect your social […]

Did Facebook Hit the Target in Page Post Marketing?

August 19, 2012

Facebook recently announced a change that will have a very BIG impact on social media marketing.  This new change will allow Facebook Page administrators to target their posts to followers’ specific interests, including likes, gender, and age. Currently, admins can only target their posts to followers by location and language, which isn’t ideal if you’re […]

An Introduction to Analytics

August 19, 2012

Social media marketing isn’t all about blogging, tweeting, and posting on Facebook, although we at Salty Waffle do our fair share of that.  But it’s also about analyzing how effective those posts and tweets are. Salty Waffle uses analytics in a variety of different ways, from seeing how people respond to certain content we post, […]

How a Networking Event Could Stop Your Start Up From Failing

August 16, 2012
shutterstock_65668864 (1)

The first year of owning a start-up business is always a rocky road. Unexpected problems and obstacles spring up from nowhere making success and profit seem further and further away. It is a well-known statistic in the business world that four out of five start-ups end in failure before the end of their first year. […]

Get the Skinny on Perks at Top Social Network Companies

August 15, 2012
Get the Skinny on Perks at Top Social Network Companies

Peeps who work at tech companies get a lot of hype so let’s get the skinny on perks at top social network companies.  LinkedIn was one of the most successful initial public offerings of 2011, and has since been one of the most transparent and open workplaces in technology.  Employees are able to jam out […]