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September 2012

New Updates to Twitter

by alex on September 30, 2012

New Update to Twitter - Profile Banner

Have you noticed the new Twitter updates? The new updates which were made available to the public last week are most noticeably a new header image and a photo stream.  The new header image is larger than before with all of your twitter information superimposed on the middle of it.  The look is simple and […]


A Guide to Social Media and Contests

by alex on September 29, 2012

How to Run Facebook Contests

Contests are a great way to up your engagement on Facebook.  Not only do you gain exposure by people participating, but you are also directly engaging your fans in a positive and meaningful way.  Remember, a good portion of users on Facebook are following their favorite brands to learn about special promotions or giveaways. So, […]


Should I buy an iPhone 5?

by Matt Lim on September 26, 2012


Should I buy an iPhone 5?  Sales for the iPhone 5 over the weekend release (5 million) beat out sales for the iPhone 4s (4 million) over their weekend premier.  Millions of people have or will end up buying the iPhone 5 simply because it’s Apple’s latest baby. There’s the hype. The anticipation.  The glory […]


App of the Week

by Matt Lim on September 25, 2012


Epicurious This app of the week is for the cooks, wannabe chefs, and pretty much anyone who needs to prepare something to eat.  The app of the week is going to be really useful if you like cooking or if you’re looking to learn. Here is some insight on the app of the week: Epicurious […]


How People of All Ages Are Using Social Media to Connect

by Guest Writer on September 25, 2012

Social Media to Connect

How People of All Ages Are Using Social Media to Connect Since the earliest days of the Internet, some were predicting that it would change how people live in modern society. The first years of the World Wide Web had only a modest effect, but the booming popularity of social media is now transforming developed […]


New iPhone 5 May Not Be Compatible With Your Car

by Alfred Leung on September 24, 2012

New iPhone 5 May Not Be Compatible With Your Car Do you hear that? Listen real close. That’s the buzz of excitement coming from millions of people ready to pop their plastic, renew contracts, and line up for hours to own a brand, spanking new iPhone 5. The phone is gorgeous but that’s to be […]


Social Media can Affect Voting

by alex on September 23, 2012


With the 2012 election coming up, we’ve all seen election media on our social media homepages.  Especially leading up to election day, the political messages can become really big. But how much of an impact does posting on Facebook, or tweeting on twitter really have on the political outcome?  The University of California San Diego […]


Aligning the interests of social media marketers and their customers can be tricky.  Especially since the marketers and the customers each want different things from social media. Marketers want to use social media to promote their products and have a platform to interact meaningfully with their customers, while most customers want online specials, deals or […]


Samsung Galaxy S III: iPhone line ups

by Matt Lim on September 19, 2012

Samsung Galaxy makes fun of Apple Line

With all the hype generated from the iPhone 5 release, Google and Samsung decided to poke some fun at the line ups that are forming around Apple stores around the world. The line ups in front of Apple serve to demonstrate the iPhone’s dominance in the mobile market, but the people behind the Samsung Galaxy […]


The business behind the Line: iPhone 5

by Matt Lim on September 19, 2012

Apple store

First in line for Apple’s iPhone 5? Apple Product releases may just be the new Black Friday! You’ll be surprised at the perks that can come with waiting outside an Apple Store for the iPhone 5 with your sleeping bag.  Every Apple product release seems to turn into a news worthy spectacle.  Apple fans and […]


App of the Week

by Matt Lim on September 18, 2012

PageOnce If you’re anything like me and have trouble tracking how much money you’re spending well I’m glad to say that there’s an App to keep you honest even if your wallet might not agree. Introducing: PageOnce This nifty little app will allow you to sync all your accounts to your phone whether it be […]


The Apple iPhone5 and Social Media Buzz

by alex on September 16, 2012

The biggest news this week in technology was Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 5.  For months, the public has been speculating, guessing, and gossiping about what the new features and phone will look like.  And this past Wednesday when it was all finally revealed the social media world was all abuzz with comments and opinions.  […]


Sizing Guide to Profile Pictures and Avatars

September 15, 2012

Gone are the days when you could use one profile picture for all of your social media sites.  Now there are banners, backgrounds, avatars, and profile pictures all in different sizes, all of which have their own dimensions. This can make uploading pictures and customizing your social media sites a real pain sometimes.  To help […]

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4s

September 14, 2012

With all the hype surrounding the release of the iPhone 5 we decided to find an info-graphic that explains just exactly what you might be getting with the iPhone 5.  Rather than bore you with the technical details we figured it’d be easier to just show you. Basically the iPhone 5 is lighter, faster and thinner with […]

Facebook VS Google

September 12, 2012

Dear Google, This is just a warning but Facebook might be coming for you.  Mark Zuckerberg has hinted that Facebook might be looking to join Web Searching with Social Networking.  Since Facebook became a public company investors have seen the stock price drop to about half.  Facebook, under Zukerberg’s leadership might be looking to tap […]

People Need Jobs

September 11, 2012
People need jobs

Jobs need people, people need jobs.  It’s a fairly simple equation but in between the process is a lot of inefficiency.  As someone who  can relate to the struggles that many people face when looking for an almighty job I understand the pains.  I can also understand the frustration on the employer’s side. Firstly employers […]

App of the Week

September 11, 2012

DropBox DropBox’s slogan is “Simplify your life.”  Appropriate because this handy little app lets you link your phone and computer or even other people’s devices wirelessly.  Get dropbox for your computer and then link it to your phone. You can sign up to use Dropbox through your mobile device.  Dropbox has easy to follow prompts […]