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October 2012

Post Hurricane Sandy

by Nicole Donnelly on October 30, 2012


Here are some pics from the meatpacking Dist this morning. No power or water so I trekked up to midtown to shower at a friend’s room and then will stay with another friend tonight. Thank you EO and the global community! The shower was at an Aussie’s an the stay will be with my German […]


Grow Your Business Using Social Media Seminar

by Angel Soria on October 30, 2012

Grow Your Business Using Social Media Seminar

The effects of social media are everywhere as business owners looking to grow their operations while connecting with customers and prospects use social media to yield tangible results.  The Visalia Chamber of Commerce will host a half-day seminar designed to help business professionals implement social media tools and will highlight several local social media “success […]


Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

by Nicole Donnelly on October 30, 2012


This morning we still have no power or water. In the pic below notice the bulldozer moving seaweed on the street. The pier in the picture was 100% under water and the water came up over the streets below. Where the dozer is it was around 3ft. deep! I’ll get out and take some pics […]


Hurricane Sandy Pier 54 NYC

by Nicole Donnelly on October 29, 2012

Wow! What a few hours its been! Pier 54 was entirely under water! Power co cut power as prevention. Wind gusts up to at least 100mph. Seawater flooding the streets, submersing cars, people stranded. Now the water is going down. I can see the pier again. Water is off now too and a room full […]


Hurricane Sandy 7pm EST

by Nicole Donnelly on October 29, 2012

It’s dark, rainy, and windy. The wind is making the light in my room sway as each gust blows the building. The Pier 54 is slowly getting buried by the water and high tide is an hour away. The wind is so noisy, it gives me the willies and make me want to hide under […]


Update View From The Standard NYC

by Nicole Donnelly on October 29, 2012


Hurricane Sandy New York City

by Nicole Donnelly on October 29, 2012


According the the weather reports the 100 mile gusts are due to arrive where I’m staying within the next 20 minuets. It’s currently rainy and windy. The tide has gone down from the photo below, but it will be back up and higher tonight. This is the largest hurricane since 1935! It’s over 1,000 in […]


NYC Pics

by Nicole Donnelly on October 28, 2012


The Minibar, and the extended mini bar, yeah, it’s well stocked. Sandbags in NYC, Meatpacking district. The Apple Store in the Meatpacking district has sandbags all the way around too. Many shops have taped their windows and closed up shop early. Now we are just waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit. This ought to be […]


Hurricane Sandy

by Nicole Donnelly on October 28, 2012

hurricane sandy, social media

Hurricane Sandy has got me hunkered down at The Standard High Line in NYC. They just came by and delivered a glowstick and letter from the hotel manager. We were asked to keep both curtains closed to protect ourselves and others. All the public transportation is shutting down, my flight and hundreds of others have […]


Keys to Happiness

by Nicole Donnelly on October 26, 2012


Are you happy? I’m so lucky to be at MIT listening to some amazing speakers and business people. Ted Leonsis spoke about Snag Films and other amazing businesses he built. Along the way he learned these keys to happiness:) -you are deeply engaged in multiple communities of interest -high levels of self expression -tune up […]


How to spend time in Social media usefully

by Guest Writer on October 25, 2012

Social Media Time Consumption

There is a very tricky bit of semantics here, because useful is a very subjective word that is somewhat associated with “productive”. Social media is no place to be productive, because how on earth could you ever measure it. If we concentrate on the word useful as a means of achieving a goal then the only goal […]

qually Bleak Prospects for Those Graduating from 4 Year and Masters Degree Programs

The generation of Americans born between 1983 and 2003 has become pessimistic about their employment prospects. They were told that college would be the gateway to a bright future, and they believed it. More students have flooded American colleges and universities during this period than at any other time in history. However, once these students […]


LinkedIn Gets an Update

October 21, 2012

LinkedIn has some new updates! Over the next couple of months the 175 million members will see an update to their profile.  This is in an effort to make it easier for users “to tell their professional stories, be found for opportunities, and build relationships through meaningful interactions.” This is what LinkedIn has to say […]

Gluten Free Chocolate Pancakes

October 21, 2012

Cravings has the best gluten free, dairy free pancake and waffle mix! To that I added a bit of bob’s red mill fudge brownie mix, toasted chopped walnuts, toasted coconut, chia, pear sauce for sweetener, vanilla, and water. Heated pan to medium high, melted earth balance and dropped heaping tablespoons full onto the pan. When […]

Salesforce Nice to Meet You

October 19, 2012

pardon our dust, we put a social media Playbook micro-site here at just for you. We’d love to help your customers create social media playbooks!

Best Time of Day to Send Emails

October 17, 2012
Best time to send emails

One of the age old questions in Social Media is “when is the best time to send, post, or email something?” So, to help answer that question, here is an infographic about the best time to send emails.


October 16, 2012
salty waffle social media playbook

We are getting a facelift and we know there are several broken items on our site right now. I do wish that I knew how to do all the edits myself! Please check out the site that I recently started building on WIX, a cool simple templated website editor. It’s modern and fun! We […]