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November 2012

Who is more social ios vs. Android

In a contest that we ran for one of our clients, we pitted Android phones against Apple phones in an online Facebook contest.  Due to the high level of loyalty that most smartphone users have towards their phones, we figured it would at the very least would generate some buzz. And it did. By the […]


Black Friday or Cyber Monday

by Nicole Donnelly on November 22, 2012

Or will you shop both? I got my first Black Friday email w/coupon code yesterday and it doesn’t expire until next Tuesday! Read the fine print, you may not need to rush as much as they want you to think you do. Chillax with friends and family and leave the madness at the store where […]


The Users of Social Media

by alex on November 17, 2012

Social Media users

Just who uses social media, and which sites do they use? The following infographic helps us visualize the users of the most popular social media sites and how they use them.  You might just find some surprises in there…like the fact that users spend as much time on Pinterest as they do Facebook!

Influential Marketing Channels during the Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, companies and social media marketers are wondering just how influential social media is on consumers during this season.  Well, a new study conducted by Offerpop, a third party contesting app, and Liel Leibovitz, Assistant Professor at NYU Steinhardt joined forces to answer this question.  The study looked at consumers and […]

Online reputation management

10 Tips Businesses Need to Follow for their Online Reputation Management   The businesses need to maintain their online reputation so that their customers know about them and have a good image of the company. A negative image online can be very harmful and your competitors can use this to their advantage. Therefore, seeking online reputation management advice from […]


App of the Week: Angry Birds Star Wars

by alex on November 9, 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds has done it again! They’ve released what’s sure to be another chart topping game, although this time, it takes our beloved birds to a galaxy far, far away! That’s right, the newest release from Rovio is Star Wars! The game begins at the beginning of Episode IV: A New Hope, with blonde tufted […]


The ROI of Social Media

by alex on November 5, 2012

ROI of social media

Social media marketing is a relatively new phenomenon and people are still figuring out how it works and the value of it. Even businesses that have a social media presence still do not know how that exactly correlates to sales. Here’s one infographic that shares a view on the ROI in social media.


Hurricane Sandy Increases Traffic on Salty Waffle

by Nicole Donnelly on November 1, 2012

by 1,000%! Yep, newsjacking at it finest. The posts are authentic, I was there in the hurricane, I was scared. It was helpful to post and it also let my friends and family know that I was ok and see what was happening. It makes me think that we really ought to do more of […]