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How to Instagram Your Brand-Intsagram will be King of 2014

by Nicole Donnelly on December 23, 2013

Instagram allows you to connect with your GenY customers like no other platform. Check out this awesome article on Social Media Today and Slide Share, The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Marketing from Ross Simmonds.  


Social Media Checklist

by Nicole Donnelly on December 16, 2013

Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses v2.0

Here is a great social media checklist:   Courtesy of: The Whole Brain Group


7 Styles of Learning and Social Media Training

by Nicole Donnelly on November 26, 2013


When you get certified for your level 3 snowboard instructor you have to know the 7 styles of learning and how to apply them in a lesson. When we teach social media we do the same. -The Seven Learning Styles- Visual (spatial):You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music. Verbal (linguistic): You […]


Awesome Influencer Infographic

by Nicole Donnelly on November 25, 2013


Here is an awesome infographic about influencers online and how to engage with them.


Social Media For Musicians

by Bryce Lokken on August 4, 2012

Screen shot 2012-08-04 at 7.33.14 AM

This week, some significant strides were made for musicians inside the platform Bandcamp (in the form of merch sales). Bandcamp is one of a few services that those publishing music are utilizing on both Facebook and standalone. Also of note, and used by myself, are Soundcloud and BandPage. So, as an artist, I’d like to […]


Social Media Vocabulary: Pinterest Edition

by Mitchell Cuevas on April 4, 2012

pinterest, classes, online class, pinterest class

There has been a lot of talk about Pinterest lately and rightfully so. Everyone’s favorite new network is lighting up the referral traffic game, currently responsible for driving more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. This edition of social media vocabulary brings you the basics of Pinterest and what all this ‘pinning’ verbiage means. […]

WMC 2012

If you’re busy growing a business and getting your MBA, or if “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” (John Lennon), you need to find a way to attend the 2012 Miami Winter Music Conference (WMC) from home.  Look no further my friends – all you need is Be-At.TV!      b […]


3 Streaming Options For Holiday Music

by Mitchell Cuevas on December 14, 2011


Looking to add a little holiday cheer to your playlist this season? Music always helps me get through a ton of work, so try these sites for holiday music right from your browser. Pandora: Nothing new here, Pandora has a number of holiday channels, here is an old, but great list of them to look […]

1 Comments Quilt: Social + Music + Art

by Mitchell Cuevas on December 10, 2011


Looking for a quick way to jazz up your computer and share some of your amazing music taste? Well if you’re a member on and scrobbling your tunes, a sweet screensaver is just a download away. If you’re not a member on, it’s definitely worth a try! To get a sweet desktop screensaver based […]


Bring A Little Love To Facebook With

by Mitchell Cuevas on October 17, 2011

social media, social, music, facebook music, last fm,

If you’ve been on Facebook lately and seen all the Spotify posts about what people are listening to, you know that sharing tracks is a really natural social  thing to do. Well, before all this business with Facebook Music and Spotify, some people over at already knew this. In fact, they’ve been helping people […]

new facebook, salty waffle, social media, social media vocabulary

By now, you have probably either accepted the new look of Facebook, albeit grudgingly, or moved on to Google+ or something else. Either way, you will want to know what all this new stuff is so you can properly praise it or complain about it. So, this week social media vocabulary is giving a name to […]


Social Media Vocabulary: Cloud Music!

by Mitchell Cuevas on August 30, 2011

katy perry, social media vocabulary, streaming music, salty waffle, social media, music in the cloud, cloud music player, google music, amazon cloud player, icloud, spotify

Not only is Katy Perry probably on cloud nine after her haul at the VMA’s on Sunday, her recent distinction as the only woman and only one of two artist’s (Michael Jackson) to ever have 5 number one singles from one album, must have her feeling pretty good. Not only that, she has the perfect picture […]


Make Marketing Fun Again

August 25, 2011

“Social Media makes marketing fun again!” exclaimed Kelly Batke, (the brunette) and Communications Manager at Faronics Vancouver, BC. Wow Kelly, we can’t agree more! Take a Salty Waffle social media class and learn how you can make marketing fun too!

The Social Media Game

July 26, 2011
social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media game

An author on wikispaces wrote an article about a game that can be planed at a workshop to teach people about social media. Here is an explanation of how to do it!Props: Instructions (You have to know how to play, in order to play!) A pack of cards: These cards can be created by you or […]

The Growing Independence Of The Music Industry Part III: The Social Media Bandwagon

July 6, 2011
social media music

Part I, Part III With social media, managing and controlling your band and music is easier than ever.  In the past, musicians relied on record labels to take care of the business side of music and propel their career into stardom.  Record companies provided the resources necessary for mass-production of albums in order for their musicians […]

The Growing Independence Of The Music Industry Part II: The Power And Influence Of Concerts

July 5, 2011
social media music

Part I, Part II, Part III The music industry has gone through a Michael Jackson-like transformation since digital music overpowered analog as the primary source of music consumption in the 2000′s.  Record labels have suffered the most from this digital music revolution.  Annual album sales have been cut in half over the last decade (dropping from $14.6 […]

The Growing Independence Of The Music Industry Part I: Digital Music

July 4, 2011
social media music

Part II, Part III In honor of Independence Day, it’s time to celebrate the growing independence that has occurred for musical artists in the music industry over the past few years.  Artists are no longer bound down by the restrictions and expectations set by their record labels.  Of course there are several factors that have lead […]