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What is Growth Hacking?

By Nicole Donnelly, CMO, Spring Global Say Growth Hacking around a bunch of SEO practitioners and you will likely elicit scowls at very least. You talk to a “social media expert” who’s been in the biz for a while and they’ll poo poo the term as trendy. It’s not...

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Social Media Vocabulary: LMGTFY

LMGTFY: Let me Google that for you. LMGTFY is the 21st century’s equivalent of “do I LOOK like your mother?” Simply put, it’s pretty rude AND really funny.  If you know your audience. James: ‘hey man, do you know how tall mount everest is?  I need to know for a...

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Social Media Vocabulary: Trolling

Trolling.  Trollin'.  Troll.  Jimmy Rustling. All of these terms mean one thing: getting a rise out of someone online.  There are a few different types of trolls, but the most common is a standard inflammatory troll.  He's just like the class clown, only with more...

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Social Media Vocabulary: Vaguebooking

Vaguebooking (verb) - the act of hinting at some event, emotion, or situation without actually stating any facts.  Typical statuses can include things like: "I can't believe you would say that" (directed at either nobody or everybody) "some people never change" "best...

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Social Media Vocabulary: Google+ Edition

If you have been wandering aimlessly around Google Plus wondering what all these oddly named things are, that's good because today's social media vocabulary is here to help out. Here are 5 Google Plus related vocab words to get familiar with! Circles: The first thing...

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Social Media Vocabulary: Measure Your Social Influence

It's no secret that search is going is social. Influence in social media is already a part of what drives page ranking at Google and Bing. We've written about different ways to measure your own influence in social media on a few occasions, but things change fast....

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Social Media Vocabulary: Tools For Influence

Welcome to another edition of social media vocabulary. Today we're taking you through a list of tools, sites, and even one game that recognize the importance of your place in social media. All five of today's words are names of services out there to help you measure...

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Social Media Vocabulary: The Bird Is The Word

There’s no question that the internet and social media are reshaping our vocabulary on a daily basis. Even the Oxford Dictionary is getting with the times. Just last week they introduced ZOMG and Twittersphere to a growing list of new words with a decidedly tech and social feel.

In honor of this, Salty Waffle’s social media vocabulary edition for today will take a look at 5 words recently admitted the Oxford Dictionary. You can now officially use these without the annoying red squigly line popping up below! (…like it did on squigly…)

ZOMG: An enthusiastic version of OMG, slang for the phrase ‘oh my god’. Used to portray excitement or shock, can be used in any sense that the phrase ‘oh my god’ applies to. The Z is though to have originated from[…]

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