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We teach you enough about marketing to know if you want to do it “in-house” or hire a firm. AND…we’ll help you DIY or outsource.

Step 1. Take a high-level short marketing course, you’ll learn key elements of the current marketing ecosystem.

Step 2. Choose if you want to take on marketing internally or outsource it.

Step 3. Choose the marketing DIY training or get matched with an amazing marketing partner who can do the work for you.

SaltyWaffle has been helping clients connect with customers since 2010.

“We have helped our clients in all areas of digital media from improving Yelp scores and building engaged audiences on FB to refining website experiences and building systems to automate nurturing your customer throughout their time with you.”

Nicole Donnelly

Founder, Salty Waffle

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CX = Customer Experience


We have helped our clients build loving, lucrative relationships at every level of engagement; from customers and distributors to investors and press.

Do you want to wow them? Do you want them singing your praises? We’ve got creative minds who know how to emotionally connect, let us help you develop systems in your business that help you care for and leverage your relationships.

“My favorite thing is all of the automations all in one place! I save sooooo much time with Salty!”

Lyndon Chiang

Social Media Manager, Spring


Do you want to be a source of knowledge on all of your social media channels? Do you want to be the one with fun and fascinating stories to share? You can find, schedule, and post quality info quickly with Salty.



As with any other “normal” content scheduling platforms, you can upload your own content from a spreadsheet or create it on the fly in your Salty dashboard. Salty listens to what your audience responds to and will automatically adjust your posting times to get max engagement.


And how do you even know if what you are doing is working?Measure it! Your Salty Waffle social media dashboard has analytics up the wazoo! You can dig into your data and see who your most active peeps are, when, where, and what they are responding to so that you can do more of that. It’s super easy to see it all!

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