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ContentStudio is the only complete content marketing and social media management tool that allows you to discover trending content, compose compelling posts, get approval from clients/team and share across all your channels – on complete autopilot!

60,000+ marketers already trust ContentStudio

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60,000+ marketers and social media managers
use ContentStudio for research, planning, collaboration, scheduling, content approvals, community management and analytics. is a powerful content curation tool that ensures you can become part of, influence, and even generate thought leadership around a topic that is of interest to you or your business. The high level of customization helps you publish the right message to the right social network at the right time for maximum engagement.

Neal Schaffer

Author, Global Speaker, Marketing Influencer

I’ve been a big fan of ContentStudio from the first time I tried it. Not only is it super easy to find amazing relevant content to share with your audience and grow your influence, but I absolutely love how it helps you create better-optimized content for social media and your blog, easier than ever.

Lilach Bullock

Content Creation Expert, Speaker, Author, Trainer & Consultant

ContentStudio – the best social media management tool out there. This tool was designed by UX and UI pros, clearly. Not engineers or coders. Everything makes sense and is where I would expect it to be. It has so many features it can be your one and only social media management tool.

Anthony Garcia

Owner Aught Media

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The Most Robust Content Solution

All the tools you need to centralize your content marketing operations for all the channels including blogs, social networks and, newsletters. No more lack of data, email threads, spreadsheets, approval delays and, disconnected workflows.


Find, analyze and share top performing content for any topic or industry.


Plan and collaborate with your teams on an intuitive editorial calendar.


Schedule content to all of your channels and networks from a single place.


Track KPIs and measure performance across all the channels.

channel Management

The New Way to Manage ALL Your Channels

Planner & Calendar

Streamline your content workflow by collaborating with your team members and planning campaigns from an interactive calendar or list view. Plan, approve, reject or schedule content for all your marketing channels from a single place and be in control of your content and social media strategy.

Automation Recipes

Step by step templates helps you set up various types of automation campaigns saving tons of time. Get relevant & targeted content posted to your channels according to your own needs and settings. Advanced rules help in finding and planning content relevant to your industry or interests.

Analytics & Reporting

Make informed business decisions through meaningful insights from social media analytics. Use the feedback from analytics reports and fine-tune your social media strategy for optimal performance.

Multi-Channel Composer

Compose fresh content for your blog or social media from an intuitive editor. Embed content from your favorite sources, collaborate with your team and manage approvals. It also comes with SEO optimization toolbox, image editor, trending hashtag suggestions, UTM manager and a lot more.

Content Discovery & Insights

Our discovery engine keeps you updated with highly relevant and trending content suggestions pulled from our massive database of sources or your own custom collection of sources. Get deep and actionable insights for any topic to optimize your content marketing strategy.

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