entrepreneur, nutrition, energy, marketingIt is very appropriate that the word entrepreneur has the letter ‘e’ in it so many times. One big thing entrepreneurs need is another word starting with the same letter: energy. The physical and mental stamina required to get through a day in the life of a business owner is immense.

Entrepreneur’s Organization‘s, Gerry Morton of EnergyFirst believes in taking care of the body as a means to better energy, focus, and results. If you don’t feel right, you can’t work right. His company is a leader on nutrition, health, and wellness topics so if you are feeling a little off, try out some of these great ideas to build stamina and be a healthier person.

1. Energy Requires Balance: Fix the environment within your body, cut out excess sugary drinks and other acidic products to maintain a good balance of the acidic and alkaline. This promotes a more efficient metabolism.

2. Get Ample Sleep: Without sleep your body cannot repair itself mentally or physically.

3. Stay Hydrated: 1 cup of water per 15-18 pounds of body weight.

4. Eat Breakfast: Boosts metabolism during the rest of the day.

5. Exercise: 30-45 minutes of aerobic exercise 3-5 times per week.

6. Breathe: Get oxygen to your body, breathe deep.

These are some simple tips that can be gently phased into a daily routine to keep a hard working body running smoothly all day so that you power through all that you need to. Check out www.energyfirst.com and www.maximizeyourmetabolism.com for more great information.

A site I like for keeping track of my health is the Daily Burn. It provides a social approach to your work out and nutrition efforts.