social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media kids, social media familyKids Bible Info is a website dedicated for kids learning about the bible. On the site there are 5 main links:
1) Bible Answers: Under the kids bible answers section there is a variety of topics to choose from. 55 Topics in total are avaliable with explainations for your children. In addition to topics, there are also 6 common questions to read, a place to ask questions, and a location for parents to read about privacy.

2) Games: There are 3 fun games for kids. The first on, called Bible Adventure has kids click on people and answer bible questions to earn coins (Picture 1). There is also a Bible match game (Picture 2)  and 3 different word searches (Picture 3).

3) Bible Guides:Bible Guides are provided by KidZOne. They are booklets of puzzles and stories, avaliable for download, that explains parts of the bible to kids.

4) Prayer Requests: There is a place for children to submit prayer requests on the site.

5) Stories: There are also 23 fun stories that you can read through with your kids! For example, the story “Four Noble Young Men” is based on Daniel 1 from the Bible.

To learn more about safe social media sites for kids check out this past series: 9 Social Media Sites For Kids.

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