Have you ever been to a concert and heard a song but you didn’t know the name of it?  Or missed a concert and wondered what songs you missed your favorite band play?  Well wonder no more, for setlist.fm is here to save the day!

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Jimi Hendrix's classic setlist from Woodstock.

Setlist.fm is an online music wiki site that allows its users to post and view setlists of past concerts, as well as view upcoming gigs and tour information for their favorite artists.  Anyone can use and participate in the website without actually creating an account on setlist.fm, which makes it very easy for anyone to quickly post or edit playlists on the site.  However, if you want to get everything you can out of the engine it is much more advantageous to create a profile so you can sync your Facebook and Last.fm accounts to Setlist.fm in order to create a more detailed profile.

social media music blogging

Setlist.fm allows users to track how much a certain song has been played throughout the years.

The site has many cool features that make it more than just an online forum for posting about concerts.  Every time someone adds a setlist on the site, the system will scour the internet for lyrics, live streams and even YouTube videos of the concert in order to enhance the content for each concert.  On top of the wide stream of content available for each concert, the site also keeps track of a comprehensive list of statistics for every musical artist with a setlist on the site.  This means that you can search what songs each artists has played the most, what tours they played them the most on, which cover songs they perform the most live and even which other musical artists have joined them on stage the most times.  The artist statistics are a treasure chest of information for music junkies and die-hard fans to sink their teeth into and become even more knowledgable on their favorite artists.